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Andi Mack: Season 3/ Episode 2 “Howling At The Moon Festival” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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It’s another Chinese holiday so you know what that means: Mei v. Celia. But there is also Andi trying to decide what to do about her relationship with Jonah.

Disney Channel
Director(s)Paul Hoen
Writer(s)Elena Song
Air Date10/15/2018
Characters Introduced
LingNicole Bilderback

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Another Year, Another Competition: Mei, CeCe, Ling, Bex

At this point, you have to wonder will Mei and CeCe ever put their eternal beef aside and just be family? As CeCe announcing Bex’s engagement, Mei counters with Ling being pregnant with twins. This is but the first of them using both for a tit for tat battle that grows tiring for Bex while Ling seems fine with it. Making you wonder, does Ling expect to keep this up with Bex, but as cousins, when Mei and Cece are gone?


Celia saying their family is similar to the one in the Joy Luck Club.
Celia: The Joy Luck Club’s got nothing on us.

Is it wrong to think maybe Bex and Ling would try to tag team so their parents would stop making holidays competitions? That way, when it comes to Ling’s babies, Mei wouldn’t compare them to Ando and make her life a living hell and Bex could maybe enjoy her wedding. But, so it seems, Ling seems to like being a pawn for her mother to show off. Hence why Ham let her clothes get ruined as well. Pregnant or not.

Let’s Be Friends: Andi, Jonah

The back and forth between Andi and Jonah has been fairly consistent the whole series. Often times leading Andi to realize that while Jonah might be her first love, if not just the first guy who reciprocated her feelings, he isn’t the one. While they do have fun and enjoy each other’s space, Jonah lacks consistency and maybe even maturity. Which has, many times, frustrated Andi and drove her to nearly having her own panic attacks.

So, in the long run, it is decided they should just be friends. Something they treat as if their relationship could either continue or they go their separate. As if Jonah didn’t remain friends with Amber after they were done.


Jonah saving face so Andi doesn't outright break up with him.
Jonah: I just… I wanna be friends, too.

You and I know this isn’t the end. I’m not saying Andi and Jonah are OTP, but they’ve been going back and forth like this since season 1 with Andi often being the one to end it. Thing is, Jonah says or does something to keep winning her back. Yet, in the off chance she is done for real, THANK GOD! I enjoy Jonah, I really do, but what peace has he ever brought to Andi’s life. As soon as she feels she might have figured him out, can get comfortable, he makes a hard left to throw her off.

Plus, they are about to enter high school so Andi is probably about to meet a huge amount of boys. The last thing she needs is to be iffy about this one from middle school. Someone who likes the relationship primarily being on his time and terms.

A Secret Wish: Andi

The Moon Festival ends with putting a wish in a lantern and delivering up the immortal goddess who lives in the moon. Someone’s wish doesn’t make it up there but falls within Andi’s reach and the wish is shocking. However, it isn’t shared with us.


Andi reacting to the wish someone had.
Andi: Woah

So, what could the wish be?

  1. Could it Buffy wishing Walker to ask her out?
  2. Bowie wanting another baby?
  3. Bex maybe wanting another child?
  4. Jonah wanting Andi to want to be a couple again?
  5. Cyrus perhaps wishing Jonah or TJ ask him out?

It’s hard to say since only Buffy, at this point, could provide us anything Andi would be worried about. As for the rest of the ideas? Bowie and Bex wanting a kid seems possible, to “do it right” but I can’t foresee that being immediate. Definitely down the line, depending on how long this show exists, but not right now. The Jonah couple thing seems very possible, since it seems he is going with what Andi wants just so he doesn’t lose her.

Leaving Cyrus. Is it wrong to say Cyrus coming out and this repeated look back thing almost feels like a stunt more than anything? We know he has feelings for other guys but was the backlash for Disney a bit too much for them to want to show a young gay, bi, or whatever Cyrus is, actually pursue a guy? Maybe be pursued? I’m not even talking a kiss, yet, but just some reciprocated signs of interest.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • It’s September 24th on the show (the day of the 2018 Moon Festival).


  1. Andi broke up with Jonah and didn’t drag that out all season.

On The Fence

  1. It seemed like, unlike the Chinese New Year episode, they rushed through explaining the purpose and significance of this holiday.

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