Andi Mack: Season 3/ Episode 1 “The Boys Are Back” [Season Premiere] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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It has only been about two to three months but everyone has grown so much and yet, some things never change.

Disney Channel
Director(s) Michelle Manning
Writer(s) Terri Minsky
Air Date 10/8/2018

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He Who Never Was: Walker, Buffy, Andi, Bex

Remember when Walker spoke to Buffy for a second and she got butterflies? Well, it seems things have progressed since then. It isn’t clear who approached who but there has been texting and video calls. However, Buffy, just to make sure things aren’t weird, waited for Andi’s approval before hanging out in person. Which she gives, with some hesitation.

If only because, after two to three months without Jonah, it seems she is back to a place where she doesn’t know what she wants. Mind you, this is despite Jonah’s song and all that. But, I guess when things get bad or suddenly stop when they are just getting good, you can’t blame Andi for wanting someone a bit more consistent.


Walker and Buffy sitting next to each other, smiling.

Well, at this point, I guess we should just forget about Marty. He got written off suddenly and with Buffy into Walker, I’m unsure if he may ever come back now. Yet, that all depends on how this plays out. With Andi still having some kind of feelings for Walker, that may complicate things for Buffy. Maybe to the point of breaking up whatever she and Walker have because of her loyalty to Andi. Which, if that happens, I’ll be mad as heck. Because if Marty does come back, that means Buffy gets to be in the middle of a love triangle and the idea of her handling such a situation seems funny to me.

Though, who knows, maybe this show may decide to repeat itself and make Andi feel undecided yet guilty, and frustrating all who have to hear about it.

Guess Who’s Back: Bowie, Jonah, Andi, Bex

Andi is going back and forth between being worried about Jonah’s return and seeming like, now that they are sort of official, there is a tad bit of indifference. Consider it Andi being her everyday self. However, what isn’t something that happens every day is a surprise visit from Bowie! Someone who went on tour but then the tour ended early because someone threw their back out, another went to law school, and a third found a girl in Austrailia to settle down with. Thus leading to the end of the tour and Bowie picking up on that proposal conversation.

Leading us to have a double proposal as Bowie presents a ring as Bex does and them both saying yes. Which, naturally, sends Andi into a frenzy to enhance the moment and that is when Jonah shows up. However, Andi is so elated by her parents finally getting married any anxiety about him showing up is gone. She just wants to dance!


Bex and Bowie kissing.

I’m so glad that, if we are to expect Andi drama, at the very least that will be balanced out by Bex and Bowie finally getting married. Which I hope means seeing Bowie’s family since we’re down to seeing everyone’s family but his and Jonah. And, all things considered, taking note Andi’s grandpa is dead, you’d think Bowie would make sure his mom got to see her.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • After months away, at least two to three, Ham returns looking like Tom Hanks in Castaway, at least in the face.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Taking things a bit too seriously for a moment, who just cancels a tour 2 months into the 6-month commitment? Also, where was Ham traveling where he couldn’t at least clean himself? Even in the middle of nowhere, there are sources of water.


  1. Walker and Buffy possibly becoming a couple (RIP Marty)
  2. Bex and Bowie getting married!

Low Points

  1. Where was Tyler?

On The Fence

  1. Andi already revving up potential relationship drama.

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