Home Away From Home left me teary eyed. For between Bex and CeCe, much less Bex and Andi, there is so much emotion. Far surpassing what we’ve ever seen on Disney Channel. Including Girl Meets World. Cyrus x Jonah: Jonah, Cyrus, Buffy After following up on the Buffy and Marty situation, there is a reminder…

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Celia (Lauren Tom) & Ham (Stoney Westmoreland) talking about Bex and Andi being gone

Home Away From Home left me teary eyed. For between Bex and CeCe, much less Bex and Andi, there is so much emotion. Far surpassing what we’ve ever seen on Disney Channel. Including Girl Meets World.

Cyrus x Jonah: Jonah, Cyrus, Buffy

After following up on the Buffy and Marty situation, there is a reminder that Cyrus sort of had a girlfriend. Said girl, Iris, who we don’t see this episode, is giving Cyrus the silent treatment. Something she is doing for reasons not explained besides Amber saying she should. As for whether Cyrus did something to deserve it? Who knows? We haven’t seen or heard Iris’ name in 5 episodes [note]Read about Cyrus and Iris’ double date here[/note].

But, with her giving him the silent treatment comes the question of whether they are over or not? As well as who is going to use this 4th ticket he bought to some sports thing. His way of showing he is your everyday dude instead of the Cyrus we have come to know and love.

Cyrus noting how he and Jonah should go to the sports event alone. It would be what Amber would have wanted.

Yet, on the day of the event, he comes to learn Amber can’t, or wouldn’t go to the sports thing. Which gives Cyrus an opportunity. Albeit, one which requires screwing Buffy over, but with that comes alone time with Jonah. Something Cyrus cannot pass up.

And in the long run, he has a good time. He bonds with Jonah more, they get matching jackets, and you can tell Cyrus is definitely showing signs of something. Now, whether it is just enjoying his first male friendship, or perhaps learning he may have feelings for boys, it is too soon to tell. Though all signs point to Cyrus maybe being the gay character on the show.


Cyrus showing off to Buffy the pictures he and Jonah took at a sporting event.
He was so excited about their hang out that you’d think it was a first fate <3

I know I really should stop assuming Cyrus is the gay kid and just let him live. But there was something about how excited he was about hanging out with Jonah. Which I get is because he hasn’t had much in the way of male friends before. However, I feel this storyline and his coming of queerness [note]Is that a thing?[/note] is so important. Especially because it may not have the usual tragedies associated with young queer men in media finding themselves.

Speaking strictly off what I have watched, and I may have said this before, coming of queerness stories are often tragic. Between the experimenting phase to coming out, there isn’t just a road bump via rejection. You know, the simple “I’m not into you” type of rejection. There is either stuff like Pariah where it all seems good then the script is flipped and you out there alone. Also like Pariah, there is the possibility of a parent denying you. Of which, because the other parent is a punk/ loyal to their spouse, they keep tabs on you but aren’t trying to fight the bigotry.

Then of course there is the whole sexual angle. But being that this is Disney, that isn’t going to factor into Cyrus’ story. For while they are definitely pushing that white picket fence closer to the front door, they aren’t peering inside the seemingly perfect house yet. Assuming that makes sense.

Cyrus thinking it is over between him and Iris.

That all aside, I love how Iris just got written off. No need to see her, we just don’t see ourselves dedicating time to that character. Let’s just say she is giving him the silent treatment, for weeks now, to just explain her absence. Heck, we can continue to use it to explain why we forgot about her all over again. You know what? Just to make it fun, let’s push the idea everyone thinks Buffy and Cyrus are together. Let’s test the reaction to that. See what the kids hashtag.

Mommy Dearest: Bex, CeCe, Andi

Ham trying to convince CeCe to call Bex and Andi. Which she doesn't want to do for she thinks they should first.

We already know Bex and CeCe’s relationship is complicated. I fathomed some reasons in the last episode, but now they are giving each other the silent treatment. Which, being that Bex is CeCe’s daughter, it means she contains that same pride or rather stubbornness. Hence why she’d rather stay in an apartment with terrible wiring than live with her mom.

Yet, at the same time, it is time. Bex has lived on the wind for so long and now she needs roots. However, there isn’t enough room to plant roots in CeCe’s house. She has to find her own place, space and grow. Which is something CeCe finds herself forced to do as well.

CeCe honestly asking Bex why is she always the bad guy?

You know, she struggles having a daughter like Bex. She probably sees her capable of so much. Yet, if she doesn’t push her to the point of cruelty, Bex never attempts to reach that potential. Which has caused them such a rift that neither knows whether this 13-year feud may spill over into another 13 years.

However, there is progress. CeCe admits, to Ham anyway, she never thought they would leave like that. Especially Andi who sort of brushes what CeCe did to Bex under the rug [note]As in, the whole convincing Bex to abandon her daughter to her mother thing.[/note]. If only because Bex seemingly was as spoiled as Andi is now so cooking and cleaning isn’t necessarily her strong suit. Never mind she doesn’t have all of Andi’s art supply stuff which is how Andi deals with stress.

Bex's face after Andi calls her mom without any sort of prompt.

But in the end, while Bex and CeCe reconcile and are back to being copacetic, what matters is the milestone between Bex and Andi. For the first time, Andi calls Bex “Mom.” Which leads to a very emotional moment for Bex since it is like she officially transitioned over from being seen as Andi’s big sister now.


I don’t think I’m driving home how emotional this topic is. Mostly because it is an ongoing thing rather than something started, put a lengthy pause on, and then followed up. Sort of like Buffy and Cyrus’ various stories. And while they do reconcile rather quickly, it isn’t a “Things are all better now” type of reconciliation. If anything, after each argument there is a white flagged raised and some kind of peace talks. Of which break down, but what we get here seems much more realistic than anything thus given by from the Disney Channel.

What I mean by that is, Disney mostly has operated from an idealistic, conservative, and traditional place. So to show families arguing, the parents not being perfect and in the wrong, as well as consistently complicated is new. Mind you, I didn’t start watching the Disney Channel on a regular basis until That’s So Raven and Lizzie McGuire, and even them I was way more into Nickelodeon. However, neither network did as much for both young actors nor their audience as Andi Mack has thus far. If for the sole reason that there is a serious drive toward consistency and not treating your audience like idiots.

Something I believe Rowan Blanchard mentioned during her interview with Janet Mock in Never Before. In terms of why Girl Meets World was handled the way it was. Much less, she would push for it to be a certain way at times.

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