Alias Grace: Season 1/ Episode 6 “Part 6” [Series Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Alias Grace Season 1 Episode 6 Part 6 [Series Finale] - Grace Sarah Gadon

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And so the truth seemingly is revealed but without much shock, fanfare and awe. Yet, despite saying such, there is a satisfying conclusion.

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Director(s) Mary Harron
Writer(s) Sarah Polley
Characters Introduced
Grace’s Lawyer Albert Schultz

Was It Seduction or Ego?: Dr. Jordan

One thing is made perfectly clear as Dr. Jordan consults Grace’s lawyer: if she was tried for Nancy Montgomery’s murder, she’d have been hanged. However, she lucked out in the murder of Mr. Kinnear being tried and there being no desire for a second trial. For even Grace’s lawyer says she is guilty as sin about that.

But what is quite interesting is the lawyer, who also represented McDermott, making it seem McDermott didn’t accuse Grace of anything until towards the end. That and this idea that Grace tried to seduce him. A comical idea to Dr. Jordan, to a point, for the lawyer pushes the thought that she is doing the same to him. Telling him a tale to amuse him, seduce him, and become what he wants.

One which sounds eye-roll inducing until Jeremiah steps in.

The Hypnosis: Jeremiah, Dr. Jordan, Grace

Alias Grace Season 1 Episode 6 Part 6 [Series Finale] - Jeremiah

With pressure from his sponsors, Dr. Jordan allows Jeremiah to do his hypnosis. Something which leads to very curious results. Of which the main thing is Grace speaking in some demonic tone of voice saying she is Mary. A personality which confesses to choking Nancy, with the help of McDermott, and puts on such a perplexing performance Dr. Jordan is at a loss for words. To the point, he can’t even commit to his report anymore for how does one follow that up?

Imagine that for a moment. Grace, under the possible guide of Mary, spoke her truth and you, later on, speak to her as if nothing happened. Then, if you bring it up, deal with her roundabout way of talking when she begins to get uncomfortable with a subject. The idea of partaking in such an act could drive a person mad.

Which, so it seems, that is what happens to Dr. Jordan. For reasons which barely make any sense, unless he is the deviant demon Grace said he was, he has sex with his landlady and when done, speaks in quite a cruel fashion to her. Alongside that, he leaves with barely a word uttered to anyone and even years after separation from Grace’s physical presence, he speaks of her as if she haunts him. Almost as if Grace, or the ghost of Mary, placed a curse on him.

All The Premonitions Came True: Jamie, Grace

With Dr. Jordan refusing to recommend a pardon, and promptly disappearing, Grace found herself remaining in prison an additional 11 years. Then, likely thanks to Jamie, of all people, who claims being coerced by lawyers, she is pardoned. Meaning for 30 years she was in prison and finally gets out somewhere around her 46th year on earth.

And when she gets out, Jamie sends for her. Not just to apologize, or offer her work, but for her hand in marriage. Something met with an unenthusiastic “Alright Then.” After all, an ex-con, even before the internet, doesn’t have much in the way of options. Plus, with no recommendation from a past employer, finding a new job in her 40s would not be an easy task.

So she settles for Jamie and it isn’t horrible. Yes, like Dr. Jordan in a way, she feels her pain and trauma is fetishized. Yet, with a nice house, horses, a cat, a dog, and chickens, what is the caveat of her husband getting off to her being raped and molested while in a mental asylum? It is better than the vast alternatives and what has gone on for most of her life.

Collected Quote(s)

[…] guilt comes to you not from the things you have done, but from the things others have done to you.

We are what we remember […] but we are also preponderantly what we forget.


A Feeling of Unease

Alias Grace Season 1 Episode 6 Part 6 [Series Finale] - Grace Sarah Gadon

It truly was something to see Grace’s Mary persona. In that, as Dr. Jordan notes, it is like hypnotism allowed Grace to speak the truth under the guise of mesmerism.  That, perhaps like the many men she encountered, she was able to speak the raw truth without worrying about being ladylike, her reputation or what was thought of her. As if, despite being a fraud, Jeremiah found a true way for women to have the type of therapy they needed.

But with her truth still came the question of whether we were being deceived. For Grace has, throughout the series, either implied or outright said that she often plans out what she is going to say. So with Jeremiah likely on her side during this, often playing along, you have to wonder how much he prepped his old friend for this.

Something that you really get pushed to ask as the time jump happens and Grace ends up with Jamie. Though, more than likely, age and prison has stripped her of not just her youth but desire to play men as she once did. Hence why she doesn’t go overboard when Jamie proposes. She accepts it damn near with a hunch.

Leading to the final scene which just gives off the hibbie jibbies. In the scene, Grace speaks about making her own quilt and as she mentions a cloth from Mary, one from Nancy’s dress, and one from her being in the penitentiary, you aren’t left with this feeling she is at peace. As if she did her time, crimes, and has learned from her mistakes. As she hangs the quilt, admires it, and stares you in the eye, it is like Grace has peered into your soul the same way she did Dr. Jordan. As if all you have heard she, just like for him and many before, told you what you wanted to hear. Said whatever was needed to amuse you. Perhaps even get you off like Jamie.

Leaving this uneasy feeling that is hard to quickly shake. If only because it leaves you feeling slightly violated not just by Grace’s lies, but the lingering effects of Sarah Gadon’s performance. Especially that stare.


Dr. Jordan’s Breakdown

Alias Grace Season 1 Episode 6 Part 6 [Series Finale] - Dr. Jordan

Dr. Jordan having callous sex with his landlady and all that followed barely made any sense to me and seemed so out of character. Granted, we never really did get to know Dr. Jordan to make any judgments of him. However, all that he did following leaving Kingston seemed almost random.

For while the case was noted as taxing on him, to the point of such dramatic actions and saying Grace haunts him? I mean, as talented a liar, or even embellisher, as Grace is, what part of her story or presence is haunting? Was that hypnotizing bit really that affecting? Of course, I could be missing something, it wouldn’t be the first time, but it is almost like there was this desire for Dr. Jordan to not live in Grace’s shadow, to be only known as our medium, so this monkeywrench of a storyline was given in the 11th hour.

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