9-1-1: Season 6/ Episode 2 “Crash & Learn” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Hen tries to have it all, but she may ultimately have to choose between being a paramedic and a doctor. Just as much as Athena may have to decide whether her father is a villain.

Hen tries to have it all, but she may ultimately have to choose between being a paramedic and a doctor. Just as much as Athena may have to decide whether her father is a villain.

Aired (Fox) September 26, 2022
Director(s) Jean Carlos Coto
Writer(s) Jean Carlos Coto
Introduced This Episode
Samuel Henry G. Sanders

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


You Can’t Do It All And Be It All – Hen, Karen

Hen trying to be a captain, a mother, and a second-year medical student means no sleep, all work, and it nearly takes her out. She falls asleep behind the wheel and forgets to pick up her son, and while she doesn’t make any mistakes as a paramedic, that might have been pure luck. But, with failing her medical exam, so comes the push from Karen for Hen to choose between her career as a paramedic or continuing medical school. Especially since Hen will have to repeat her second year, and Karen is unsure she can continue to go through this.

My Comfort, Another’s Horror? – Samuel, Athena, Beatrice, Bobby

Samuel (Henry G. Sanders) in a hospital bed
“Samuel (Henry G. Sanders) in a hospital bed,” 9-1-1, “Crash & Learn,” directed by Jean Carlos Coto, 2022, (FOX)

Being in Florida brings up both good and bad memories for Athena. It’s nice to see the oranges and think about the times she had with her dad, but Beatrice is a piece of work. Samuel is in the hospital, and without him playing middleman, Beatrice picks over everything Athena says and does and don’t let Bobby get involved. He is damn near persona non grata.

However, with Samuel in a bad state, Beatrice doesn’t have as much fight as she usually does. So Bobby can humble her and while he apologizes, Beatrice appreciates him sticking up for her baby. Especially since Samuel can’t.

But, a bad situation becomes far worse when Athena and Beatrice are with Samuel, talking about how she and he communicated nearly every day for the last 57 years, while Bobby is waiting for everyone to return home to hear the news. The body of Tanya Kingston has been found, and Samuel is a suspect.

Things To Note

What Could Happen Next

  1. Likely Samuel’s name being cleared, even if the body of that girl was found buried in his home
  2. Hen is learning to fail and come back better, thus leading to her trying to manage being a paramedic and doctor, but learning to ask for help and say no.



Hen Failing A Test & Failing To Save A Life

Hen telling Karen she failed her exam
“Hen telling Karen she failed her exam,” 9-1-1, “Crash & Learn,” directed by Jean Carlos Coto, 2022, (FOX)

Failure doesn’t come often in shows like this. Miraculous saves often happen, having just enough to pass, and generally speaking, everyone gets to be a hero or show that when there is a will, there is a way. This is what makes any failure notable, particularly when it is a death. But for Hen, she didn’t just lose someone but also failed an exam.

Now, it has long been clear that Hen would have to choose between being a doctor and a paramedic. The only question was, would that mean writing her off or a spin-off if she became a doctor? But, what would be next for her if she chose being a paramedic? Not too many characters on “9-1-1” show ambition. Most, outside of their day job, focus on having some semblance of a personal life – thus making many of their storylines deal with the struggle to have or maintain relationships.

This leaves us to wonder, if and when Hen decides, what will follow? In the likelihood she just focuses on being a paramedic, will she be put back on ice, be the sage of the 118, second only to Bobby, or will they give her something new to pursue?

An Old Name, And Something To Get Excited About

Bobby revealing to Athena a body was found in the house, buried
“Bobby revealing to Athena a body was found in the house, buried,” 9-1-1, “Crash & Learn,” directed by Jean Carlos Coto, 2022, (FOX)

While shows like “9-1-1” are generally made where you don’t have to watch season 1 episode 1 to know what is going on in season 6, there are slight nods made to show appreciation for those who have come this far. Invoking the name of Tanya Kingston brings us back to season 2, episode 11 when Beatrice was introduced, and Tanya’s name was first invoked.

However, it wasn’t until the 6th season premiere we met Samuel, and not until this episode that we were given a clue as to who may have done something to Tanya. So for it to be Athena’s father? The one she looked up to and sought comfort from? That’s a twist. Mind you, it is hard to believe they are going to have Hen fail and Athena’s father be a child murderer, but you never know? Six seasons in, and maybe “9-1-1” is ready to make our heroes fallible beyond their relationships.

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