We’re onto day 5 of the LA blackout, and things aren’t getting any easier, especially as backup systems fail and Athena learns Jeffrey Hudson is still on the loose.

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We’re onto day 5 of the LA blackout, and things aren’t getting any easier, especially as backup systems fail and Athena learns Jeffrey Hudson is still on the loose.

Aired 9/27/2021
Network FOX
Directed By Bradley Buecker
Written By Lyndsey Beaulieu, Andrew Meyers


It’s A Heavy Burden To Carry Alone – Maddie, Chim

Maddie dealing with her life

5 days alone, with a baby, without electricity, during the warmer months of the year, and postpartum depression? Needless to say, Maddie is overwhelmed and Chim guilt-ridden since he is obligated to be at work. Though the troubles are compounded by Maddie wanting to keep her postpartum depression under wraps, so getting help is hard to achieve. But with almost drowning her daughter when she dozed off for a moment, maybe that will be Maddie’s breakthrough?

Can You Get Anxiety From Things Being Too Perfect – Ana, Christopher, Eddie, Buck

Eddie has survived war zones, being shot at in Los Angeles, and has often matched Buck when it has come to dangerous stunts to save people’s lives. But even with him liking and being happy with Ana, it seems the thought of becoming a family frightens him to the point of anxiety and becoming dizzy. This confuses him as much as Buck, and while Eddie doesn’t like the feeling, Christopher is so happy that Eddie doesn’t want to potentially pull the plug.

Escalation – Jeffrey, Athena, Harry, Lou, Elaine

A 5-day blackout would be a blessing for any other psychopathic killer. However, rather than be on the run and free himself permanently, Jeffrey continues to haunt LA and Athena goes on the hunt for him. This leads to the discovery that Lila is dead, Lou barely alive, and Elaine, Athena’s boss, gets involved because this case is becoming increasingly dangerous.

But, what makes this case become ever the more personal is Jeffrey kidnapping Harry from Athena’s home.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Didn’t Chim’s brother become a firefighter? What happened to that?

What Could Happen Next

  1. My bet is on Jeffrey being killed by Athena, because he has gone way too far




  • Mae’s 911 call which led to a neighborhood daisy-chaining extension cords so the little boy could breathe.

The Dangers Of Being A First Responder

Athena staring off into the distance

The apparent danger of being a first responder has always been front and center. There is being shot at, dying while trying to rescue someone, or de-escalating a situation, all of the individual choices that can lead to someone becoming a martyr. However, the threat their absence brings to their families is less featured yet still important.

Mind you, it doesn’t have to be life or death situations like we see on the season premiere each season. It could be being unable to be with loved ones in their time of need, like we see for Chim and Maddie. There is also the attraction of nefarious people, like Jeffrey, into Athena’s personal life. After all, how many shows and movies featured a killer, rapist, or other criminal wanting to get revenge on the cop who arrested them?

That is what we feel 9-1-1 is seeking to explore more. The threats that don’t come to mind when you think of the glory which many shows, including this one, put on first responders.

A Different Kind Of Anxiety

Anxiety is often associated with the worst-case scenario. The fear that the sky is falling, this or that will go wrong and fear to the point of stagnancy. Eddie’s anxiety is different in that it is triggered by something good happening to him and his family. Granted, he could fear what happened to Shannon happening to Ana, but it has been pushed that he isn’t thinking about Ana having an untimely demise. It’s more about taking the next step in a relationship he may not be sure about or moving faster than he is comfortable with. Perhaps pushing the idea that Eddie has nerves of steel but his personal life? He is a wreck.

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