Nia being taken to her mother
Nia being taken to her mother

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Get your favorite tissue brand ready; it’s time to shed some tears as we watch some kids say goodbye to their parents and bonding moments that will have you bawling.

Episode Title Parenthood
Director(s) Lyndsey Beaulieu
Writer(s) David Grossman
Aired (FOX) 4/26/2021

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Too Much Multi-Tasking, Not Enough Delegation – Albert, Chim, Maddie, Mrs. Lee

Weeks have passed since Albert’s accident and Jee-Yun’s birth, and Maddie and Chim are struggling. Taking care of Albert is a full-time job, just as much as taking care of Jee-Yun, and the schedule they have means sacrificing their relationship for Jee-Yun’s benefit.

Chim thanking Mrs. Lee for helping
Chim thanking Mrs. Lee for helping

But then, luckily, Mrs. Lee comes in, and while Chim is uneasy about asking for help at first, eventually he gives in, and she helps with Albert, primarily, but also Jee-Yun. All the while being bestowed the title of grandmother.

Bye Bye Nia – Denny, Hen, Karen

It’s time for Nia to go to her birth mother, Evangeline, and Hen is a HOT ass mess. She is crying, holding what toys Nia left behind, and blubbering into her mother’s chest when she gets the chance. But, thanks to Karen getting a PI who checks in on Evangeline, Hen pushes through it and even comes to the mindset of fostering again with Karen and Denny in agreement.

The Worst Trauma I Ever Went Through – Athena, May, Michael

May deciding to give Laila another chance, perhaps even become friends, baffles Athena to the point of having a fight with May. One which Michael gets involved in, only because May doesn’t get the full effect of what happened that day until she listens to the 911 recording. Now, this doesn’t mean May suddenly cuts off Laila and all the memories of that day come back, but she does take note of what Athena is going through, why she went off and reconciles with her.

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You can have it all, but you can’t do it all.
— Linda



Just When You Thought You Had No Tears Left To Cry, They Get You Again

Let me count the tears I shed: The first came from when Nia left because that child is too cute, and you can see everyone struggling with the idea of letting her know, they probably wouldn’t meet again. Following that, you had the mother who decided to overdose to free her child from taking care of her. Which, at first, I didn’t think would get me since Nia’s exit set the bar high. However, when they went through the whole backstory between the mother and daughter? THEY GOT ME AGAIN!

And can you believe two more times they had me grabbing for some Puffs Plus, with Lotion? Because I know I wasn’t the only one crying when May was listening to that 911 call, right? Also, when Chim called Mrs. Lee grandma, and they were sharing a moment? Ya’ll wasn’t crying too?

A Reminder Of How Far We’ve Come

May crying as she listens to the 911 call that saved her life.
May crying as she listens to the 911 call that saved her life.

Being that we often drop shows after a few episodes, if not the first season, making it this far seems like an accomplishment. And I’m sure you feel the same, and that’s why every time there is a revisit to a major moment in the show, it is cherished. It makes you feel like a series veteran since you’ve stuck around through the dramatic moments and have seen how far everyone has come since then.

I mean, look at May! She is a woman now! She has a full-time job, had a little boyfriend for a minute, and considering Maddie was able to live on her own, May might be able to do the same eventually!

They grow up so fast…

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Just When You Thought You Had No Tears Left To Cry, They Get You Again - 89%
A Reminder Of How Far We've Come - 85%


In an emotional episode of 9-1-1, we get beautiful guest star stories and the heartbreaking departure of Nia, but after the tears are shed, it's hard to not be glad for the various new beginnings we witness.

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