9-1-1: Season 3 Episode 13 “Pinned” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Chim with his shirt off.

As Michael and his family deal with him possibly dying, Chim tries to bring new life to his relationship with Maddie.

As Michael and his family deal with him possibly dying, Chim tries to bring new life to his relationship with Maddie.

Directed By John J. Gray
Written By Nadia Abass-Madden, Juan Carlos Coto
Aired (FOX) 3/30/2020
Introduced This Episode
Greg Sean Kleier
Jamal Ashwin Gore

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Life After Trauma: Chim, Maddie, Albert

Being that Maddie went through nearly a season and a half of trauma due to her ex, not counting her life before being introduced, you can understand why Chim took things slow. After all, no one really knows how to be with someone who was in an abusive relationship that only ended because they killed them. It’s a lot.

But, despite Chim knowing the progress he and Maddie have made, he allows Albert to get under his skin just because the relationship isn’t wild and passionate. Mind you, considering Albert just left his father’s home, and is running wild like Buck was in season one, the fact Chim paid him any mind deserves a side-eye.

A Child Without Their Dad: Bobby, Michael, Athena, May, Harry

With Michael back on chemo, and still refusing surgery, everyone finds him going camping with Harry, with Bobby in case something happens, terrifying. Especially since Michael’s dad died from a massive stroke and between his dizziness, fatigue, and difficulty to focus, alongside grip things, so comes increased fear.

Mind you, that is a side effect of chemo, but with Michael trying to operate in a business as usual sense, it creates a situation as taxing on him as it is everyone else. Yet, the idea here is, he wants to prep and model for when he isn’t around. That way, as they kept Michael’s dad alive through stories and memories, he can be kept alive too. Especially since, while May may have gotten 18 years with Michael, Harry only got ten. And while he isn’t a kid, he is still young enough for memories to fade and become hard to retrieve. So Michael is doing his damndest to leave his imprint and is asking of Bobby to help keep his presence alive.

Can’t Catch A Break: Greg, Chim, Maddie, Josh

After Albert getting on Chim’s case, and having multiple moments where someone almost didn’t say they loved someone, or ruined a moment, Chim confesses his love. Leading to Maddie’s response which is positive, but complicated. If just because the words “I Love You” hold weight. Not in terms of the power and emotion, but more so because those words were used to defuse violent situations. So she crafts a way to tell Chim she loves him but not with those exact words.

Greg (Sean Kleier) holding someone hostage.
Greg (Sean Kleier)

And perhaps it is a good thing she makes it clear those words are uncomfortable for her since Greg, the one who robbed Josh, he holds the 911 call center hostage – while Maddie is on the phone with Chim. So, based on the next episode’s preview, it seems Chim got the hint and is going to help save his girlfriend.

What Must Also Be Noted

  1. Harry is 10 and May, roughly, 18
  2. Anyone else think Jamal and Josh could be a thing or is this wishful thinking?
  3. Isn’t it strange Hen has such a strong role in Athena and Michael’s life, but we barely see her interact with their kids?
Jamal (Ashwin Gore) in the kitchen.
Jamal (Ashwin Gore)


Chim and Maddie Taking Things To The Next Level

In many ways, it seems Chim and Maddie have only existed in extremes. Either Chim was getting stabbed, Maddie dealing with trauma, or they were quiet and, the way Albert and so many others put it, comfortable and bland. However, with this episode, it seemed they finally took a step forward that wasn’t wholly based on pressure, fear, or drama. It was just time.

And you have to appreciate that they gave Maddie time to get past her ex, past the trauma, and didn’t show Chim as someone who was insensitive to her ordeal. Granted, he experienced what she went through a bit, but that is something that easily could have led him to leaving Maddie or pulling his past devotion as a reason Maddie should have no reason to be something more.

Thankfully, however, Chim is crafted to be far more mature and, on a side note, look at him working out and trying to make sure he can be on the next firemen’s calendar.

Recognizing The Pain Of Loss With Not Just Athena, Michael, and Their Kids, But Bobby

Michael struggling to keep a tradition alive.

There is something about Michael’s passing that we still don’t care about, but it does trigger this need to recognize how it affects everyone else. But especially Bobby for while we don’t hear about his kids or ex-wife anymore, they existed. The thing is, he is the only one who keeps their memory alive. So Michael talking about wanting Bobby to keep his name and who he was alive for Harry, that hits in a way that wasn’t expected.

For, if you think about it, while Michael could die, and eventually will, there is May and Harry to talk about him to their kids, and maybe create a pillar for him. Bobby doesn’t have that. Yes, May and Harry accept him, love him even, but those aren’t his kids. And I think seeing Michael deal with his demise could trigger Bobby wondering what would have happened if the fortune of his former family was reversed and they lived and he died. What could have been his legacy and said about him?

How Hen Plays A Role In Athena’s Family

While there is a serious need to question why doesn’t Hen have that “Aunty” relationship with Athena’s kids, that doesn’t take away from how her conversations with Athena are the best performances and writing on the show. Heck, even Hen talking with Michael, Hinds just creates this intimacy when she speaks to another actor one on one that is hard to describe beyond how it enhances both sides in ways that we don’t see when her opposite is with others.

Listed Under Categories:

  • Plot and Dialog - /100
  • Character Development and Performances - /100
  • Visuals and Sound - /100
  • Pacing - /100
  • Value For Intended Audience - /100
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