Buck watching Christopher.
Buck: The universe is mocking me.

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Surprisingly, despite being crushed by a fire truck, Buck seems like he may return to work. However, isn’t there always a catch?

Director(s) Jennifer Lynch
Writer(s) Kristen Reidel
Air Date 9/23/2019

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Baby Fever: Maddie, Chim, Athena, Bobby

With Athena and Bobby getting married, and also Maddie and Chim also happy together, so comes the question of having kids? Especially after a child is saved in a 911 call. Now, for Athena? She got two already, and while they grow up fast, she isn’t trying to be locked down for another 18 years.

As for Maddie and Chim? Well, being that Chim’s mother died young and father barely checked in with him as a child, even less as an adult, it makes his abilities to be a father. Add on he is so used to being a bachelor, it makes the idea of kids a bit hard to pin down. Then with Maddie, while she did at one time, she is still emotionally and mentally recovering from Doug. So who knows if she’d be able and willing to trust Chim to that level. Nevermind deal with the physical transformation involved.

After all, she is still raising Buck.

A Dream Deferred or Ended?: Buck, Bobby, Hen, Maddie

While Buck passes his re-certification exam, then he develops blood clots. The kind which turn a celebration of his return into what, at best, could be seen as a mini-wedding reception. At least if you want to maintain a positive spin on the party. For after Buck coughs up blood, leading to everyone freaking out, you have to finagle a way to make the most of a rather lavish evening.

But for Buck, the damage is done. Not just physically but with Bobby seeing the incident, knowing about the blood clots, and having to report them, all he can offer Buck is light-duty, and like the fool he is, Buck makes it seem it has to be all or nothing – so he quits.

With that, he spirals, and we’re reminded by Hen that it is because he has nothing else. As shown throughout season 2, Hen and the others had jobs and established themselves before joining the team. Buck? He was a man whore and working under Bobby for him was like joining the military. It gave him structure, a community, and family, previous to Maddie coming across the country. So what is he without them?

The Least Of Your Worries: Buck, Christopher, Eddie

Despite everyone worrying about Buck, many are taking note he is being a bit dramatic. Specifically by not leaving his apartment, ordering food in, and shutting himself off. So, to remind Buck that life isn’t that bad, Eddie brings over Christopher. Someone who has a much more difficult life than Buck yet is usually smiling and happy.

A feeling we can’t say necessarily rubs off on Buck as much as he is guilted into recognizing his privilege – making Christopher into a prop in a way. One nowhere near strong enough to help Buck not longingly look at other first responders do their job.

However, when a tsunami heads their way, it seems, whether he is still employed or not, Buck may have to use his experience to help save many lives very soon.


Love Is In The Air

Whether we’re talking about Bobby and Athena, Maddie and Chim, even Hen and her partner Karen, there is something beautiful about seeing them all coming to love, dealing with struggle, and all not being 20 somethings. For be it Bobby and Athena who were previously married, with Bobby being a widow and losing his kids, to Athena with a full set and an ex, to Maddie being married to an abusive partner, and Chim seemingly not having much in the way of serious relationships, there is so much diversity and, if you think about it, the presentation of hope.

Which, when you throw in Hen and Karen, even gives a shout out to the LGBT community. Particularly those who are older, don’t look like models, are Black, and are bringing children into the situation.

Low Point

Christopher Used As A Prop

Eddie using Christopher as a means of “It could be worse,” seemed wrong in so many ways. Not that I don’t understand the idea here is that if Christopher has so much against him and can smile and venture out into the world, what is Buck’s excuse, but this seems in poor taste. It invalidates Buck’s feelings and uses Christopher, and people with disabilities in general, as a means to compare your life and push you to be glad things aren’t that bad or press you to feel guilty about your feelings.

On The Fence

How People Recover So Quickly and Easily

Between Bobby going from a suicidal alcoholic, who accidentally was part of over 100 people, including his family, dying, to upstanding leader; Chim having a rebar go through his skull and him back to normal; to Buck having a firetruck crush his leg, damn near, to him being able to run, jump, and possibly get back to work, how much suspension of disbelief is required here?

Granted, the blood clots set Buck back, but usually there are little obstacles sprinkled about. Just not any that truly stop anyone from doing what they want for too long.

This Tsunami On The Way

An earthquake last season, a tsunami this one, anyone want to take bets on what season 4 could have? I would say flooding but rain is an issue in certain parts of California so that seems unlikely. Either way, you have to wonder what this show’s approach will be when it comes to the tsunami. Just a regular old, random event, or will they throw climate change in there? If not present the idea another earthquake happened, just at sea this time?

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