In this episode, we’re reminded that ghost aren’t always entities of another world but also could be the living. Network FOX Director(s) Loni Peristere Writer(s) Erica L. Anderson Air Date 10.29.2018 Introduced This Episode Shannon Devin Kelley Alana Vanessa Martinez Bryan Myles Cranford Images and text in this post may contain affiliate links which, if…

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In this episode, we’re reminded that ghost aren’t always entities of another world but also could be the living.

Director(s) Loni Peristere
Writer(s) Erica L. Anderson
Air Date 10.29.2018
Introduced This Episode
Shannon Devin Kelley
Alana Vanessa Martinez
Bryan Myles Cranford

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The Ghost of Abby: Carla, Buck

It seems to be time. With it being months since Abby has been home and them getting further and further apart with time, Buck doesn’t seem to have much hope left in him. Everyone says he should move on and when he turns to Carla, she makes it seem if and when Abby is back in the area, she’ll be with her brother for a while.

Leaving Buck to realize that maybe one reason she doesn’t want to come back is because her apartment is haunted. Not just by memories of her mom, but Buck’s connection to all that. So, he decides it would be best to leave and places a letter down to say goodbye.


F.I.N.A.L.L.Y! With us knowing Abby’s actress isn’t likely to come back, for she has a whole bunch of projects lined up, I was just waiting for Buck to move on. Maybe even slip and fall in love with another woman. Then, following that, feeling conflicted since he didn’t really get closure with Abby and isn’t sure about the status of their relationship.

Luckily, not only did we avoid the drama but they brought a certain amount of meaning to this themed episode. However, Buck isn’t alone in addressing the ghost of his past and being unsure how they’ll fit into his future.

The Ghost of My Ex: Shannon, Eddie

Shannon (Devin Kelley), Eddie's wife.
Shannon (Devin Kelley)

It has been about 2 years since Eddie and his son have seen Shannon and with Eddie trying to get Christopher into this fancy school, him still being married is an issue. If only because the school representative wants to meet Shannon. So, as luck would have it, she is but 30 or so minutes away and this leads to conversations which long needed to be had. Be it Shannon’s guilt about Christopher’s condition, her feeling hurt he didn’t follow her when she left to take care of her mom, and a lot of stuff which makes it clear it isn’t just on her.

But with this conversation finally happening, and only feelings returning, they kiss. Eddie seemingly has to stop and analyze the situation, take note of what he is getting himself back into. Yet, with him kissing her once more, it seems he knows what he wants.


Because this show force fed us Eddie quite a bit, the reunion didn’t have the impact it perhaps was supposed to have. I will admit I liked that Shannon’s side was presented, and thus she no longer appeared to be like Chimney’s ex who simply left because things were hard. If not she knew they’d get hard, but it just seems like too much at once. Especially for a character we just met yet has been fast-tracked. I’m talking, after meeting his family, knowing his past, learning why he wanted to join the LAFD, meeting his ex-wife, and probably other stuff I’m forgetting, in 7 episodes he has gotten as much, if not more, development than some who were here since the pilot.

The Ghost of a Father: Athena, Hen, Bryan

Hen hearing from Karen that her estranged father is in the hospital.
Hen: My father?

Being that Hen and Athena are a certain age, naturally, most of their conversations are about their spouses, their kids, work, and things of that nature. So, of course, Hen’s father, Bryan, being talked about wouldn’t be something brought up often. Hen hasn’t seen the man since she was 9. Also, didn’t know where he was, if he maybe died, and yet he has at least been keeping tabs on her for 3 years. Ain’t that something? Even has her down as an emergency contact – the nerve!

Especially since an emergency does happen and now Hen is forced to ask herself whether to pull this man she barely knows off of life support? A thought which racks Hen’s brain for while she makes life and death decisions every day, there is a certain separation. Those people are patients, people she is helping as part of her job. What they are not is her absentee father. Someone who she doesn’t hate as much as has lived with a disappointment of.

So, she turns to Athena. Someone going through her own thing after some bones are found. Leading her to talk about why she became a cop. Like Hen, her life was forever changed when she was 9 and that was when a girl in her neighborhood was just snatched out of bed. Only a barrette was ever found. So, Athena decided, when she grew up, she’d be a policewoman and find that girl. That never happened but she did find the remains of one young man and tracked down his girlfriend or wife Alana. Giving her solace.

Which, in the long run, is what Hen needs. This man may be a ghost to her, someone that has haunted her past, but he is there now in the flesh. Unresponsive, yes, a shell, but sometimes that can be enough. Plus, considering he has a house full of things, surely she can get to know the man beyond the deafening silence of absence.


Hen saying goodbye to her father.
Hen: Confessions to an imaginary daddy.

See, this is what I mean by Eddie being too rushed. Even though I can’t recall Hen talking about her dad, her seeing him, us knowing her well, and her story, it made the moment have an impact. Especially since she is raising a kid and likely, even though she isn’t a dude, trying to give him the stability and love she didn’t have from two parents. Though, let’s not discount Aisha Hinds who is a talented actress. One that I don’t want to say is underrated, considering she is getting fairly consistent work nowadays. Perhaps it would be better said that she hasn’t gotten the accolades she deserves.

Leading me to hope they have her not just learn about him but, if his family was also absent in her life, all of those people as well. For if she was his emergency contact, I’d expect she would have to deal with funeral arrangements and, with Karen, go through his things, sell the house, etc. Thus giving Hinds even more opportunity to increase the sells of Puffs Plus – with Lotion.

Alana (Vanessa Martinez) thanking Athena for learning what happened to her significant other.
Alana (Vanessa Martinez): Thank you.

Well, her and Angela Bassett as well for the moment she had with Vanessa Martinez, someone who probably will only have one episode on this show, also had me bawling.


  1. Hen’s scene with her dad.
  2. Athena and Alana’s scene together.
  3. We learned why Athena wanted to become a cop.
  4. For a themed episode, it wasn’t that bad and really pushed the heart of how certain ghost in character’s lives were haunting them.

On The Fence

  1. I need them to slow Eddie down. I get he is new, and they want to show how invested they are in him, but it almost seems like this rush is being done so if they kill him off, it would be a HUGE shock.

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