3%: Season 2/ Episode 3 “Chapter 3: Static” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Michele and Fernando - reunited.
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Fernando and Joana are doing all they can to present an alternative to the bombing but, the question is, is that the sole solution Silas wants?

Director(s) Daina Giannecchini
Writer(s) André Sirangelo
Air Date 4/27/2018

Childhood Friend: Gloria, Fernando

Since they were kids Gloria and Fernando have been close. Nothing romantic, just good friends. Hence why she protected him after quitting the process and him bad mouthing it. For with some who have seriously invested their life into it not appreciating him speaking negatively, he gets jumped. But, somehow, Gloria seemingly hits a reset button on all that happened.

So now Fernando is back with his dad, not being assaulted, and Gloria and he are close again. Though, with him knowing about the bomb and wanting to protect her, he starts off with just asking her to not participate. Which ends up being strike one.

You Know Your Mission: Ezequiel, Rafael, Michele

Just to remind Michele why she isn’t part of The Choice, the old man, is allowed to talk to her and Ezequiel hopes that with seeing this person who manipulated her, him manipulating her won’t be as big of a deal – go figure. From there, he changes her earpiece to hear everything she can and eventually sends her off to make contact.

Meanwhile, Rafael makes sure to change his assignment to the recruiting station, in which Elisa happens to be at, and as he takes a “bathroom break,” breaks his camera so that he can try to find Choice members. Especially so he can warn them about Michele.

Backstabbers: Rafael, Michele, Joana, Fernando, Gloria, Ezequiel, Silas, Ivana

A standoff between Michele, Rafael, and Ivana.

With Gloria not caring about some bomb or whatever Fernando mentions, she continues to dedicate herself to the process. Thus leading to Fernando to experiment more with ways to stop it or at least stop her and thanks to watching Gloria get registered and there being an error, he realizes if he can destroy or corrupt the process’ data, that fixes everything.

So now the question is how to destroy the data? Well, that gets put on the backburner for Michele’s message got sent out and Joana is thinking maybe she could help. For while Silas seems hell-bent on seeing the infiltrators as traitors and the bomb as the sole solution, Ivana and Joana seemingly are for the alternative options.

Unfortunately for them, though, the whole process of meeting Michele gets intercepted. Gloria spots Fernando and Joana, thus leading to her thinking Fernando is part of The Choice, and breaking off their friendship, and this gets followed by Silas figuring out the meeting coordinates and trying to take Michele out.

But he is unsuccessful so she gets back to the rendezvous and that leads to a standoff. One in which Ivana has a gun to Rafael, since he is in Offshore soldier garb and that is alarming. And as she points her gun at him, Rafael points his at Michele and as for Joana and Fernando? Well, they just stand there seemingly hoping a bullet doesn’t fly their way.


Gloria looking shocked.

Okay, the initial pop that Gloria and Elisa brought has dissipated and I’m back to thinking the first season was more so interesting because of the process, and the tension that made, vs. the characters. For the more time we spend with them, the more I realize that I don’t think I ever cared about them as a person. You know, it is like watching a sport. Do you care about them and who they are out of the ring or court or just the athlete? With me, in this analogy, I think the athlete is all that matters and getting to know the person past their sob story is what irks me.

Making me wonder, would this show have been better off with a 13 episode season and treated as a mini-series? For, at this point, there is a serious question if it is just milking its premise for all it is worth or maybe we’re still in some sort of transitional phase. Because, as much as it is nice to know Fernando had a close friend, the Old Man is still alive, and question whether or not Gloria may end up dead for being stubborn, let’s say Joana and Fernando succeed. More than likely, the destruction of the process would be the green light for what Marcella wants – a war. But could that, in the slightest, be interesting?

Don’t get me wrong, I still, kind of, like the show, but am seriously questioning where can it go and whether the two extra episodes, in comparison to the last season only have 8, will be torture or a blessing?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is loving Elisa part of the cover or does Rafael have genuine feelings for her?

On The Fence

  1. The question of whether this second season will have a long-lasting selling point as it becomes clear the true star of season 1 was the process, not necessarily the actors.

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