Maxton Hall – The World Between Us
Network(s)Prime Video
Created ByDaphne Ferraro
Based OnSave Me by Mona Kasten
First AiredMay 9, 2024
Executive Produced ByCeylan Yildirim
Showrunner(s)To Be Determined
Genre(s)Drama, Romance, Young Adult, LGBT+, Non-English (German)
Renewal StatusRenewed
Where To WatchOnly on Prime Video


At Maxton Hall, a college for wealthy children to further their education before transferring to places like Oxford, Ruby (Harriet Herbig-Matten) has worked hard to earn her place via scholarship. She has also made a concentrated effort to go under the radar, which has served her well in avoiding drama but complicates her request for a recommendation letter for her own desires to get into Oxford. 

Enter Lydia Beaufort (Sonja Weißer), whom Ruby catches in a compromising position with someone who could have provided Ruby with a recommendation letter. She ends up triggering a chain reaction as she reveals what Ruby saw to her older brother, James (Damian Hardung). As James tries to keep Ruby silent, they find themselves becoming entangled in each other’s lives, thus ending Ruby’s ability to stay under the radar.

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