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May December (2023) – Movie Review/Summary

While Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman face off in ways that remind you of their most wicked characters, Charles Melton, trapped in the middle, finds room to have a remarkable performance, likely to shift his career.

What Happens Later – Review (with Spoilers)

“What Happens Later” may feature the archetypes that made Meg Ryan and David Duchovny staples in the entertainment industry, but they lack the chemistry needed to make this film good.

Anatomy Of A Fall – Review (with Spoilers)

“Anatomy Of A Fall” will likely become this year’s top mystery movie, with the kind of performances that will likely cause the film and its lead actress to resurge in the zeitgeist when it’s time to dole out accolades.

Eileen (2023) – Review and Summary

At the minimum, “Eileen” delivers entertaining performances worth the ticket price, and at max, you will witness at least one performance worthy of a major accolade.

Vindicta (2023) – Review and Summary

“Vindicta” is a Latin term that refers to “just revenge,” yet after watching “Vindicta,” viewers might want to enact their own justified revenge on the filmmakers.

Totally Killer (2023) – Review and Summary

“Totally Killer,” as its title implies, is a fun horror movie to watch but ultimately is more content to consume than a new movie to put into your annual Halloween rotation.

SaW X (2023) – Review and Summary

“SaW X” brings back John and Amanda and tries to milk them both for every last bit of nostalgia possible while failing to realize the franchise has rightfully moved on from them.

Cassandro (2023) – Review

Unfortunately, “Cassandro” sidesteps going too deep into any potential wound or struggle to give you a light-hearted drama that easily becomes dull due to its rounded edges.

The Equalizer 3 (2023) – Review/ Summary

Denzel Washington makes what is likely to be his final return to “The Equalizer” franchise, and while he shows he still has it, the film doesn’t present much to show why this film needed to become a trilogy.

The Nun II (2023) – Review

“The Nun II” reminds you that it isn’t just Disney and the Marvel Cinematic Universe that milks its franchises past its prime – the horror genre has been doing that since its inception.

Deltopia (2023) Movie Review and Summary

“Deltopia” may be the least fun movie about a party that I’ve ever seen, and writers Michael Easterling and Jaala Ruffman make college seem like a place you never want to go.

Strays (2023) – Movie Review

To some surprise, “Strays” not only delivers the kind of jokes and situations those who love politically incorrect comedy will enjoy but get dog lovers in their feelings.

Oppenheimer (2023) – Review and Summary

Christopher Nolan has turned one of the most complicated scientists and his horrific creation into a blockbuster movie. The result is a beautifully shot film that pushes Nolan into exciting experimental territory, but an icky feeling of Hollywood tropes may take you out of the film.