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Someone Great (2019) - Title Card

Someone Great (2019) – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

One of two things comes from Someone Great: Wanting to call your best friends and say you love them, or wishing you have best friends you could call.
Sorry to Bother You Title Card - Red

Sorry To Bother You – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Sorry To Bother You will probably be the most bizarre film you watch that doesn’t make you want to leave the theater or turn off your screen. Director(s) Boots Riley Screenplay By Boots Riley Date Released (Wide) 7/12/2018 Genre(s) Comedy Good If You...
Title Card for Atlanta

Atlanta: Season 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

The second season of Atlanta doubles down on the eccentrics of the first and with that comes more inventive stories and the question of what was done purely because Glover and co. had the...

Death Note: Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

Let me preface this with noting the white washing of Netflix's Death Note won’t be a pressing point. What will be is that it turned a cool, made for adults, anime into something that seems...

The Incredible Jessica James – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

The Incredible Jessica Jones is the type of film which definitely won’t be for everyone. Like with Girlboss, we are given a character who arguably can be narcissistic, but you can grow to love....