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Zipper – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Zipper probably wants to be taken seriously with it showing a boy scout becoming corrupted, but it doesn’t really go into the depths needed to be considered compelling.

Characters & Story

Sam Ellis (Patrick Wilson) is a clean boy next door type. The kind of man people want to support and believe in, as well as push to become something more. His wife, Jeannie (Lena Headey), for example, sees him as the Attorney General, or maybe in congress. Though with the meeting of Ellie Green (Elena Satine), an escort, so begins the Boy Scout’s downward spiral. For while he was initially just curious, after his first experience with an escort, he seemingly becomes addicted. Leading to a point where it seems that, eventually, his image may become tainted by his indiscretions, causing the man who could have potentially risen so high, to have his foundation buckle and possibly shatter.


When it came to this film, the intrigue came from imagining Lena Headey, Dianna Agron, as well as John Cho in the same film. Especially considering the IMDB description of a man unable to fight off his obsessive temptation for other women. Leading to the expectation of Wilson falling in lust with Agron, who perhaps would play with his emotions and act as some sort of femme fatale. Then, once I started watching and learned he would be into politics, I was thinking maybe John Cho would run against him and the “Thriller” element would come in Sam Ellis going head to head with a man who he, originally, was morally superior too, but once he tasted sin it was his downfall.


Yet, neither one of those things happened. In fact, neither Agron nor Cho are rarely in the movie. What this film essentially is about is Ellis seemingly trying to have a life which is all his own. One which isn’t crafted by his wife, and perhaps her living vicariously through him. Which I’m sure seems like it would be interesting, a man who always did what’s right giving into his less ideal, or morally righteous, desires, but oh you would be so wrong.

If only because there is never the depth needed to make this film seem like Sam takes these indiscretions seriously enough for you to feel bad for him, or to present the level of intrigue that other political thrillers have. Take for example the whole issue of Sam going against other politicians for either Attorney General or a seat in congress. Throughout the film, we aren’t really introduced to his opponents, much less are we presented the idea that he will really have to work hard to beat anyone. Yes, this maybe verbalized, but we don’t get to see who is the actual threat to Sam climbing the social ladder.

Then, when it comes to the sex part of the movie, honestly what is presented is like what you’d find in an HBO show. The sex is all meaningless and eventually just becomes one female naked body after another, and occasional ass shots. None of the women really mean much to Sam, and his addiction to them isn’t told in such a way where the final result, him trying to have secrets, or have done something without his wife’s influence, makes a whole lot of sense. If anything, it feels like a last minute explanation, or like when you were a kid and did something, and came up with some meek excuse to explain what happened.

Overall: TV Viewing

With so many other media covering the downfall of clean politicians, as well as sex addictions, it left me disappointed with Zipper. For never mind the opinion that more should have been done with Agron and Cho, but being that Sam’s sex addiction is shallowly portrayed, and the political angle is without any hint of intrigue, what else could this be labeled but TV Viewing? If just because, it showed signs of potential, both in synopsis and cast, but failed to live up to almost any and all expectations.

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