The Blue Hour – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

75% (8)

Plot Overview

What starts as just a hookup becomes so much more, especially as dead bodies begin to be discovered.

Rating: Skip It

Trigger Warning(s):
Dead Animals and Gunshots

Review Summary

My expectations for this film changed multiple times from finding out it existed to the discovery, mostly due to me not watching the trailer. For, at first, based off the synopsis, I was expecting a gay romance with some sort of mystery element. Then, after about ten minutes of the film, I was expecting a Taiwanese version of The Way He Looks. But then 40 some odd minutes in the nonsense I would have known if I watched the trailer kicked in. Leaving me wondering if this film may ever recover from it trying to blend multiple genres rather haphazardly.

Main Storyline (with Commentary)

It all begins with what seemingly would just be a hookup in some abandoned pool. Tam (Attaphan Poonsawas) is the younger of the two, closeted to a point, and seemingly just wanting to explore his sexuality. The other hand, pun intended, is Phum (Oabnithi Wiwattanawarang) who is a bit older, homeless, and definitely more experienced in hooking up. But before you get any ideas that perhaps this movie begins with a hookup and evolves into two young men falling in love as their society scorns their homosexuality, don’t.

What happens from there is Phum introducing Tam to his garbage dump home, Tam discovering dead bodies, and as the film goes on so goes any possibility that this maybe some coming of age love story. For, ultimately, the hook maybe two young men falling in love, but what makes you bleed out by boredom is how the film tries to complicate their lives with murder, crime, and mysteries. All of which don’t illicit any real type of excitement.


There was a point where I honestly thought this film would have The Way He Looks type of relationship, in which it was sweet and cute, combined with a Blue is the Warmest Color type of sexuality. After all, things begin with a mutual hand job. But with it being followed with Phum stalking Tam because he wants to see him again, and then us watching Phum lay on Tam’s lap talking about their future, I think most would expect something cute and lovey dovey to follow. Of course with some issues since their families aren’t gay-friendly, but that ultimately would just strengthen their bond.

Low Points

Unfortunately, though, any beauty which can be found in their love story is lost thanks to the ghosts of the pool Phum and Tam frequent alongside the random murders which happen. Starting with the ghosts, we are informed the pool is haunted and people have drowned and showed up days, or weeks, later. However, it should be noted this film is neither a thriller nor horror. It has one jump scare featuring the possible spirits Phum talks about, but otherwise they are just talked about as if they are simply a ghost story and not something to honestly worry about.

Then when it comes to the murders and dead bodies, like with the ghost story, it seems there is a real lack of focus on the subject matter. For while I understood Phum wanted to reclaim the land which seemingly local gangsters took from his family, we neither are given the details of how they took it much less how, realistically, Phum is going to get the land. After all, these two can’t be older than 18 and despite Tam having access to one gun, that isn’t enough to take down the local gangsters. On top of that, we never see any development toward this plan. Phum isn’t trying to find a method of bringing down these gangsters and while Tam is finding new dead bodies, one of which he caused, you are left questioning where this movie plans to ultimately go?

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  1. I believe this movie is not supposed to be coherent because it deal with mental illness. The main character is obviously not award of what is real and what he have done.

    When someone have schizophrenia many time there reality is distorted and incoherent such this movie.

    This movie is really a sad and tragedy story. I would goes as far as to say that plum is not real…but a friend that exists in his lonely mind.

    This movie is definitely not for everyone, especially if you go into it thinking that it going to be a straight linear coming of age movie

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