Tamala cuts up what seems to be the big moments of a larger movie, into an 11 minute short.

Platform Everybody Digital App
Director(s) Goodhope E. Zagamba
Screenplay By Goodhope E. Zagamba
Date Released N/A
Genre(s) Drama
Good If You Like Depressing Shorts
Actors Introduced
Tamala Jenipher Almas
Ezra Ismail Ramadhan Mussa


In a coastline city, a young woman name Tamala finds herself homeless and vulnerable. Particularly because she is a woman. So, masquerading as a man, if not just mistaken for one, she finds herself attaching her person to Ezra. A man who deals in fish and becomes a friend of sorts. However, Tamala’s tumultuous life in the city only pushes her more and more to get back home to Kigoma. Where her grandmother is waiting for her.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • The description of the film probably tells you more than the film itself. Like Tamala being 15, and that she was taken from her village.


You Can See A Bittersweet Story If This Was Expanded On

Jenipher Almas as Tamala.

It isn’t clear how Tamala’s parents died, much less if, when taken, she was kidnapped or what to get to the city. However, just that part of her journey alone leads to a lot of intrigue. Then, when you add her life on the streets, being part of a homeless community, and getting to know the kids, you see more and more details that could make this something. Especially her being the type who rejects city living and rather be in her village. In that, she could speak on the beauty of her village, before her parents’ death, and paint a picture of a life far better than the one she is living.

Making her connecting to Ezra all the more heartbreaking for she may desire home but he has kind of become a new one. Which could craft her wondering which direction to go. Stay with this man who is nice, even though their relationship shifts when he learns her secret, or venture back to where she last felt safe?


Was That Really A Noise For Dramatic Effect?

Though perhaps ignored throughout the early parts, the short ends with unfortunate news and we hear a noise. The kind which seemingly is supposed to signal something bad happened and it makes you go: REALLY?

Overall: Mixed (Divisive)

On its own, there isn’t much to hoot and holler about when it comes to Tamala. The acting is good enough, story is very barebones, and honestly the description was more interesting than the 11 minutes we got to see. However, as you fill in the lines, imagine what this could be in full, you see a tragic, yet beautiful tale in the making.

Hence the mixed label for it has potential but only if you add in your imagination to what is provided.

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