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Snaggletooth was the overall best short of the WTF series and the reason why we’re breaking out many of the top shorts from TFF 2019.

Director(s) Colin Bishopp
Screenplay By Colin Bishopp
Date Released 4/26/2019
Genre(s) Comedy
Noted Cast
Mary Alice Jolie Ledford

Snaggletooth Plot Summary

Sometimes, when you have a child who is unlike the others, and they have to go to the dentist, they need to be restrained. Such is the case for Mary Alice who is having an issue with her teeth and only has a few hours to have a procedure if she wants to get a puppy.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing) – Recommended

Hands down, the best of the night. While not as funny as Whiteout it didn’t have the frustration and with it being the last short, it leaves things on such a high note that I can imagine many forgetting a lot of the rest and this leaving the sole impression. For whether it is Mary Alice, seemingly a vampire, going to the dentist, or the scene when she gets her puppy, there is this brilliant mix of comedy, which I want to say gives What We Do in the Shadows vibes, and horror staples. Making this another film you badly wish was expanded but, rather than a movie, into a series.

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