Whiteout (Short) – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

An old school film reel drawn by artist Dean Nelson.
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Despite seeming like a horror film, one which pushes you to expect the worst, Whiteout is surprisingly a really good comedy.

Director(s) Lance Edmands
Screenplay By Lance Edmands, Sarah Tihany
Date Released 4/26/2019
Genre(s) Comedy
Noted Cast
Jake David Call
Lydia Sarah Tihany

Whiteout Plot Summary

Jake and Lydia are driving up to a gathering in the middle of a snowstorm and encounter someone in the middle of the road. A person who seems somewhere between a drug addict and zombie and while Jake would rather avoid this person, Lydia decides to jump in because that’s who she is. Leading to a lot of arguments as she tries to get further and further involved and the cops eventually getting involved.

Whiteout Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing)

The back and forth between Jake and Lydia was a surprising treat. After all, when you see WTF and things start in a horrific fashion, you expect the weird dude in the road to be a zombie, serial killer, drug addict, etc. However, all that dude ends up being is a prop as you laugh and yell at the screen as Jake, but mostly Lydia, say and do the dumbest things.

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