Retrospect may mess you up a little as you watch a young man do anything to reconnect with his ex again.

Platform Everybody Digital App
Director(s) Royce Adkins
Screenplay By Royce Adkins
Date Released 6/2015
Genre(s) Sci-Fi, Romance
Good If You Like Heartbroken Men
Actors Introduced
Tracey Gary L Gray
Jamal DeNai Blackshire


For reasons unknown, Tracey, the fiancée of Jamal, is dead. Since that time, he has found himself going to this office which allows him to relive a day at the beach with her daily. Which may be a silent reuniting with her, but it seemingly is all he is living for. To the point he is ready to ruin everything else he has going for him just to see her again.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What did Tracey die of?
  2. So, how does the technology work exactly?


While You May Not Shed Tears, You’ll Get Emotional

Jamal's fiancée Tracey
Tracey (DeNai Blackshire)

While the only thing we have to go by is that Jamal loved Tracey, and she is dead, just that little bit of information makes you feel for the character. Especially as you take note of Gray who we usually see playing comic relief in productions like this. So to see another side to him, stripping away the laughter, it draws you in further. To the point where you understand why Jamal is seemingly paying over $3,000 a visit to see Tracey. Even though we don’t know a damn thing about this girl besides she is Black, pretty, and got all her teeth.

On The Fence

Jamal’s Rock Bottom

As with any short, you can only get a taste. Making it so you feel like, as a whole, this short dropped you right as Jamal was a few feet away from rock bottom. Which is fine, it gives us the emotional punch it needs, but once he hits rock bottom, it doesn’t feel like you get to experience the full recovery from that point. Jamal possibly moving on, you sadly don’t get that journey.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing)

Jamal waiting to see the doctor.
Jamal (Gary LeRoi Gray)

You know that feeling where you aren’t crying but your heart feels a little heavy? As if you badly want to connect with someone but there is some barrier in the way? That is what Retrospect left me with. It leaves you mourning a person you didn’t know for Gray allows you to vicariously live through him so well that if you went through a loss like he did, I think this short could trigger something.

Hence the positive label. In the span of 14 minutes, Retrospect can stir something up in you and give you a heavy heart. All thanks to a girl who is but a name and Gray showing he can be more than the funny, sometimes outrageous, friend.

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