An old school film reel drawn by artist Dean Nelson.
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Featuring Trinkets star Brianna Hildebrand, Momster seems less like a short and more like an extended clip from a finished movie – in a good way.

Director(s) Drew Denny
Screenplay By Drew Denny
Date Released 4/26/2019
Genre(s) Action, Comedy
Noted Cast
Angel Brianna Hildebrand
Momster Amanda Plummer

Momster Plot Summary

It’s Angel’s birthday, and all she really wants to do is get the hell away from this man who not only underpays her but might be coercing her to have sex so she won’t end up homeless. Yet, there is hope! Hope that one day her “Momster” will remember her and save her. That is, if she stops long enough from robbing banks to do so.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing) – Recommended

Momster feels like an extended clip from an indie comedy. One with this girl, Angel trying to help her possible early onset Alzheimer’s mother remember her. Leading to a nice mix of comedy out of Angel, drama from struggling with a mom who can’t hold onto her memories of her child, and action since they seemingly rob banks to get by.

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