Love, Death & Robots: When The Yogurt Took Over – Summary, Review (With Spoilers)

The yogurt asking to be taken to a leader.
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When The Yogurt Took Over is a bit of an anomaly since it doesn’t feature love, robots, and arguably no death. So, is it good?

Director(s) Victor Maldonado, Alfredo Torres
Screenplay By John Scalzi, Janis Robertson
Date Released 3/15/2019
Genre(s) Sci-Fi
Good If You Like What If Scenarios
Isn’t For You If You Like Your Sci-Fi With Some Action or Suspense
Noted Cast
Narrator Maurice LaMarche

When The Yogurt Took Over Plot Summary

Making a short story short, around June 27th of an unnoted year, a scientist took home a genetic experiment that bonded with the chemical bonds needed for Yogurt. Said Yogurt, an advanced intelligence, had the solution for fusion power and to erase the national debt in a year and all it wanted was Ohio in return. However, with humanity not following the yogurt’s plan to a T, something bad happens – really bad.


It Goes Against The Trend

While there is a moment of nudity, outside of that, When The Yogurt Took Over bucks the trend of what we have largely seen in Love, Death & Robots. It isn’t violent, there isn’t any notable sexual content, and it focuses squarely on a story. One which is simple, likable enough to watch all the way through, and fits the usual sci-fi question of: Could this really happen? Much less, has it already but the government is hiding it from us?

When The Yogurt Took Over Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing) | Available on Netflix

Something about When The Yogurt Took Over seems like a silly short you can imagine playing during commercials on Adult Swim. A long-running, minute or so commercial, warning us how and why a basic dairy product took over the Earth. Which, of course, would make many a stoner, especially if they believe in conspiracy theories, paranoid, but the rest would just look amusingly at.

Hence the positive label. When The Yogurt Took Over decides to just nevermind the trend of blood, sex, and robot warfare and just presents an absurd, yet still possible, idea. One that may signal a shift in the series as we enter the 2nd third of the series.

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It Goes Against The Trend
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