LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS: Three Robots – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

The robots walking through the apocalyptic landscape.
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Three Robots is a quirky short which ends just before it could perhaps go left and overstay its welcome.


Director(s) Victor Maldonado, Alfredo Torres
Written By John Scalzi, Philip Gelatt
Date Released 3/15/2019
Genre(s) Comedy, Sci-Fi
Good If You Like Robots Trying To Understand People
Isn’t For You If You Sometimes Corny Jokes
Noted Cast
Xbot 4000 Gary Anthony Williams
K-VRC Josh Brener

Three Robots Plot Summary

After humanity is wiped out, three robots, one which evolved from a baby monitor, another a game console, and a 3rd which assumingly evolved from modern computers, go on vacation. Vacation from doing what? Well, that’s not said. All we know is that they are curious about the world and want to explore. Leading them to head into the homes of former humans, a school gymnasium, and even check out nuclear warheads.


It Has Its funny Moments

Outside of Xbot 4000, it isn’t clear what anyone’s name is so let’s go by description – pretty much the female sounding robot kills. While the baby monitor evolution has its moments, as well as the Xbot, the female one is the one who consistently delivers and makes this short worth watching.

On The Fence

It Ends Just When It Needs To

A cat growling.

But let me say, story wise you’ll be glad it ends when it does. Though, in general, there isn’t any real story here. You don’t learn what these robots do, why they travel together, and while we’re clued in on why humans went extinct, there is a slight need to question why we see some, who look like teenagers, hanging. Also, considering the internet seems to still exist, and they can access it on command, some of the jokes, when you think about it, don’t make sense for you know they could find context rather than come up with these out there beliefs on how things work.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive) | Available on Netflix

While comical, this is the epitome of a good short. It presents a cool premise, explores it a bit, and ends things before you have something to criticize. But without a big selling point, besides some funny moments, that is why this gets a mixed label.

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