Love, Death & Robots: Sucker of Souls – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

A Dracula monster.
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Sucker of Souls is quite gory and a tad bit comical. However, it is towards the bottom of the Love, Death & Robots ranking.

Director(s) Owen Sullivan
Screenplay By Kirsten Cross, Philip Gelatt
Date Released 3/15/2019
Genre(s) Fantasy, Action
Good If You Like Vampire Beasts Ripping Apart People
Isn’t For You If You Want Compelling Story

Aren’t Much For Occasional Gore

Noted Cast
Dr. Wehunt Michael Benyaer
Flynn Fred Tatasciore
Gary Laura Waddell
Micky Jonathan Cahill
Simon Scott Whyte

Sucker of Souls Plot Summary

The gist is, three mercenaries, Mr. Flynn, Micky, and Gary escort a doctor and his assistant, Simon, in excavating a stronghold. However, what they weren’t expecting is a vampiric beast which will rip their heads off or peel them layer by layer.


The Gore Is Eye Catching

I enjoy a bit of violence in stories, and one of the benefits of animation is there isn’t really any limit to what can be shown or done. Sucks of Souls takes advantage of this as we see someone split from the first layer of skin to muscle, to bones, and all the layers in between. Giving you a tad bit of a shock, which does help you stay interested until the end.


All It Really Has Is The Gore

Simon (Scott Whyte) before he splits layer by layer.
Simon (Scott Whyte)

Now, while there are a few comical moments, mostly cheap sex jokes, pretty much the main hook with this short is the gore. We don’t really get to know the characters, they don’t have notable relationships, and even when it comes to the gore, there are maybe one or two moments that catch you off guard. However, I’d say they catch you off guard since, like Suits, you don’t usually associate this art style with blood and gore. Especially since the art style looks like what many use for storyboarding.

Sucker of Souls Overall: Mixed (Divisive) | Available on Netflix

A part of me almost wants to say to skip this, but it’s only around 10 or so minutes so it isn’t a huge commitment. Plus, I must admit, seeing how one character died, quite graphically, stays with you a bit. Making me wish there was more to the vampire beasts, the relationships between characters, or the comedy. For without that, beyond being one and done, it makes the art style, in the often violent Love, Death & Robots, the only thing which makes this stand out.

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