LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS: Sonnie’s Edge – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

Sonnie (Helen Sadler) and her crew.
Sonnie (Helen Sadler)
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Sonnie’s Edge, thanks to its protagonist, the monster fights, and what background we get, makes you clamor for more.

Director(s) Dave Wilson
Written By Peter F. Hamilton, Philip Gelatt
Date Released 3/15/2019
Genre(s) Sci-Fi, Action
Good If You Like Gorey Fights
Isn’t For You If You Are Tired Of Dystopian Futures
Noted Cast
Sonnie Helen Sadler
Dicko Time Winters
Jennifer Hayley McLaughlin

Plot Summary

Sonnie has been through a lot in life. She was brutally raped, left for dead, and now makes her living connecting her consciousness with a monster named Khanivore. But, this is voluntary, and she is quite good at it. Thus far she is 17-0, and thus a man named Dicko offers her $500,000 to take a dive. Something she rejects and he tries to make her pay for doing so.


The Animation


What we get with Sonnie’s Edge is some Final Fantasy level graphics which makes this the perfect start to the Love, Death & Robots series. You are drawn in by the beauty, the movement, the glow in the dark tattoos and lighting, and then comes the brutality. With every slash, bite, and limb ripped off, it makes the fact you know this is one and done infuriating because you want more.

The Battles

Focusing keenly on the battle, it is Khanivore, this beast which is closet to the lizard family vs. Turborapter, a very stony beast. The battle is very back and forth to the point you almost are unsure who may win. Yet, in the most brutal of fashions, it all ends and while those used to gore may feel just slightly impressed, if you are not, I could imagine your jaw dropping.


With a history like Sonnie’s, it is hard to not want to learn about her childhood, how she got into beast battles, and how she met her crew. For while her look is generic, her backstory, combined with Sadler’s voice acting, pushes aside how much of this character feels very familiar.

The Twists


There is a twist towards the end which is rather satisfying and a tad bit of a shock. It also creates another reason you wish this wasn’t a one and done short.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing)Recommended | Available on Netflix

I want more. There is no other way to put it. Between the battles, Sonnie, and the universe crafted, getting only 17 minutes, and not as a pilot, has me in a small rage. Leading to me hoping that as Netflix uses their algorithm to see how well the series as a whole is doing, maybe they’ll turn this into a full-on show. I mean, is this not enough for a pilot?

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