Sextuplets (2019) – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

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Sextuplets is made strictly for fans of the comedic style Marlon Wayans has had since the 90s. Which is in desperate need of an update.

Director(s) Michael Tiddes
Screenplay By Mike Glock, Rick Alvarez, Marlon Wayans
Date Released 8/16/2019
Genre(s) Comedy
Good If You Like Any or All Previously Released Films Starring Marlon Wayans – Without His Brothers
Noted Cast
Alan, Ethan, Dawn, Lynette, Baby Pete, Russell, Jasper Marlon Wayans
Marie Bresha Webb

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Sextuplets Plot Summary & Review

With a baby due within a month, Alan finds himself pushed to know more about his family. The people who gave him up for adoption and have never sought him out. This leads to a grand adventure throughout the south to find them and get to know them. Which becomes, at times, a living hell for Alan and worrisome for his wife, Marie.


The Special Effects & Prosthetics

Dawn (Marlon Wayans)
Dawn (Marlon Wayans)

While not on the level of Eddie Murphy’s Klumps, though definitely a homage of sorts, you have to admire how far prosthetics and makeup have come. Mind you, from Alan to Dawn, they all look like Marlon Wayans, but you can definitely tell a good portion of the budget was dedicated to the visuals.

On The Fence

While Wayans Is Committed, He Needs To Up His Game

But that didn’t compensate for the jokes. Most of which long-time fans of Wayans will find funny, but there is this vibe that while Wayans may be pursuing evolving as a comic through standup, the same can’t be said about his comedic roles. For in many ways, Wayans, like most comedians, is stuck on a shtick. However, the issue with Wayans is that his shtick hasn’t really changed since the 90s. It’s like, as much as he is trying to forge his own path, not just keep the Wayans family comedy brand alive, he’s trapped. Yet, it is hard to say whether he can’t get out of the expectations made by his family’s iconic films or he enjoys the comforts of being able to coast off the fanbase they’ve built.

Which isn’t downplaying him playing multiple roles and the work that goes behind that. More so, the issue with Sextuplets is that it ultimately feels like it was done to get a check than because Wayans had a really great script.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive)

Alan (Marlon Wayans)

Similar to Adam Sandler, Wayans shows himself as someone who creates films which you can take or leave and either way he isn’t going to give a damn. They both know they have a notable audience, and the consistent checks from Netflix provide a sense of validation, so why push themselves too hard? Why experiment and expand when they can coast and still be well off? That’s the vibe Sextuplets gives you by being more of the same from Wayans, with the only difference from past films being him playing multiple characters.

Hence the mixed label for, don’t get us wrong, you will laugh. It’s just, I think we have to acknowledge that as talented as Marlon is, and committed to creating comedic situations, between the writers he works with, and/or director, they don’t know how to make films which are worth viewing more than once. Add in Wayans sticking to his shtick, which needs to be punched up, maybe even have some of his dramatic chops integrated in, and you get a film which is okay but continues to lower expectations for Marlon’s solo projects.

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