Recommended (Movies)

Some of the best-seen movies we have ever watched and mentioned to friends, family, and strangers as films that need to be seen.

We Grown Now (2024) Movie Review

Set in 1992, Chicago, specifically the – projects “We Grown Now,” is a coming-of-age film with few peers to compare it to quickly.

Femme (2024) Movie Review

In a complicated revenge tale, one assault leads to the desire to create revenge porn but when a romance blooms, so begins the question of whether to take things that far?

Which Brings Me To You – Movie Review and Summary

“Which Brings Me To You” is an Olympic showing of Nat Wolff and Lucy Hale’s abilities as romantic leads, but beyond the romance their characters share are the lessons that made them right for each other.

May December (2023) – Movie Review/Summary

While Julianne Moore and Natalie Portman face off in ways that remind you of their most wicked characters, Charles Melton, trapped in the middle, finds room to have a remarkable performance, likely to shift his career.

Anatomy Of A Fall – Review (with Spoilers)

“Anatomy Of A Fall” will likely become this year’s top mystery movie, with the kind of performances that will likely cause the film and its lead actress to resurge in the zeitgeist when it’s time to dole out accolades.

About Dry Grasses Review

While we are the first to call to question why any movie needs to be three hours, “About Dry Grasses” makes the best use of its time through enviable conversations and how it deconstructs its lead.

Eileen (2023) – Review and Summary

At the minimum, “Eileen” delivers entertaining performances worth the ticket price, and at max, you will witness at least one performance worthy of a major accolade.

Love At First Sight (2023) – Review and Summary

A girl who doesn’t plan as well as she should meets a boy who leaves very little to chance, and rather than this leading to them balancing each other out, it sets up a meet-cute story that will certainly make you a fan of Haley Lu Richardson.

A Haunting In Venice (2023) – Review

In “A Haunting In Venice,” Hercule Poirot returns and makes it clear that, while the third movie starring the character, there is the potential for a James Bond-level number of movies starring lead and director Kenneth Branagh.

#ChadGetsTheAxe (2023) – Review/ Summary

“#ChadGetsTheAxe” harnesses the idea of an influencer in a horror movie in ways that have yet to be done at this level – and it is probably one of the best digital releases of the year.

Brother (2023) – Movie Review and Summary (with Spoilers)

In ‘Brother (2023)’, the compelling tale of two young brothers navigating life in a lower-income community unveils the struggles of immigrant families and the pervasive influence of societal pressures, beautifully framed within a web of budding romances, community bonds, and shocking revelations.

Rub (2023) – Movie Review (with Spoilers)

The cinematic narrative, “Rub,” unfolds the tribulations of an archetypal everyman figure named Neil, who finds himself teetering on the brink due to his emotionally barren existence and malignant professional setting.

Three Months (2022) – Film Review and Summary

“Three Months” is a vibrant coming-of-age film that explores a young man’s journey through potential HIV diagnosis, untraditional relationships, and self-acceptance in a visually compelling and emotionally resonant narrative.

Earth Mama (2023) – Movie Review and Summary

“Earth Mama,” lacking notable male characters, presents a different take on someone who is pregnant, experienced trauma, and is trying to move forward despite a slew of personal and external obstacles in her path.