Look Away – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Look Away’s Ending (Spoilers)

18-year-old Maria isn’t doing too good. While not anorexic, she has been dropping weight year after year and doesn’t sleep well. Part of it deals with a very critical father, Dan, who is a plastic surgeon, but also her life outside the home as well. Her friend Lily is inconsistent, even threatened by her at times, and a boy named Mark bullies her openly.

This leaves her often alone but, luckily, there is Airam. Someone who appears in Maria’s reflection and promises her freedom from her pain. However, what at first may seem like freedom is actually a trap of sorts. Reason being, Airam wanted out of the mirror world and even after Lily dies from breaking her neck, accidentally, and Mark is beaten with a hockey stick, Airam wants more.

She decides to go after Lily’s now ex Sean and have sex with him. After all, Maria would masturbate to him in her bathroom. It is even the first time we see Airam. But, as cops wish to question him and her about Lily’s death, Airam begins to panic and doesn’t want Sean to say anything. So, when he turns his back on her, she kills him.

Maria/ Airam (India Eisley) cuddling up with Amy (Mira Sirvino)
Maria/ Airam (India Eisley) and Amy (Mira Sirvino)

Leaving just Airam’s identity. As hinted throughout the film, Airam is Maria’s deceased twin. However, you’d assume, like many a twin, she was just absorbed in the womb. Truth is, Dan killed Airam because she was deformed. However, she wasn’t killed in terms of doctors saying she wouldn’t make it so she was taken off life support. No, Dan left her out in the cold to die.

Hence why Airam strips naked and asks if Dan thinks she is beautiful. Also, if she was deformed, would he love her. His answer doesn’t qualm Airam’s feelings so she slashed his throat and goes home. There she cuddles up with Amy, who is in a daze as usual, and we see her hold both of her children in her arms. Seemingly remembering, after the trauma of childbirth, she did, at one time, have two daughters. Something she may have forgotten thanks to pills Dan has had her on for who knows how long.

We don’t see the cops from earlier in the movie show up, but with Lily dead, Dan, and Sean, with Maria involved in each incident, likely she is going down for murder.

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