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Ending (Spoilers)

Cesar, alongside Javier, have ran a company together for more than a decade but it has recently hit a rough patch. The kind which is attracting negative attention from both the government and the stock market. Yet, despite financial straits, Cesar has no desire for layoffs. It is even made clear during the financial crises they didn’t let anybody go. For, despite how vulgar, if not aggressive, Cesar can be, he does seem to value loyalty in some form.

Gomez (Carlo D'ursi) walking down the hall
Gomez (Carlo D’ursi)

Which doesn’t really help him with his current situation. He has less than a week to get the company onto a path where people can have faith in them and a loan can be approved. Which gets derailed by Gomez, and most of the board, sans Javier, stealing over 15 million euros. This is on top of Cesar’s wife leaving him, for Gomez apparently, and Gomez tricking Cesar into firing Javier. Luckily, between Ariana, a cleaning woman, and Cesar’s son Diego helping, Javier helps create a plan which will keep Cesar and him out of trouble and stick it to Gomez and the board.

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