Gemini – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Title card for the movie Gemini.
38.89% (6)

While Zoe Kravitz remains a draw, this film may feel like a bait and switch if you are getting a ticket to see her.

Director(s)Aaron Katz
Screenplay ByAaron Katz
Date Released3/30/2018
Genre(s)Mystery, Drama
Noted Actors
HeatherZoë Kravitz
JillLola Kirke
GregNelson Franklin
TracyGreta Lee
SierraJessica Parker Kennedy
DevinReeve Carney


In the Hollywood hills of California, beloved actress Heather Anderson is trying to pull out of this film by a man named Greg, and just take a break period. She just broke up with her weird and intense boyfriend Devin, is exploring things with this girl Tracy, and with only her assistant Jill to talk to and rely on, a step back is necessary. Of which, unfortunately for Jill, she is the mouthpiece for.

But, it isn’t just Heather’s career she wants a step back from but also public life. With people like Sierra popping up, seeming a bit psycho, and making Heather uncomfortable, she has become scared to the point of wanting a gun – Jill’s to be specific. Which she is given access to and that ends up biting Jill in the behind. For while Jill is running errands, after sleeping over Heather’s, she finds a dead body on the floor, already bled out, and it is assumed, with her prints on the gun, she did it.

Thus sending us on a “Who dun it?” journey that has Jill investigating all who would have reason to kill Heather and trying to avoid the cops who are looking for her.


Kravitz’s Charm

Zoe Kravitz as Heather in the movie Gemini.
Zoe Kravitz as Heather.

I feel like I could copy and past this topic from each of her movies. To put it simply, despite how potentially annoying Heather could have been portrayed, there is something about the way Kravitz is that makes you want to imagine how hard Heather’s life is. To feel sympathy for her and write in your own reasons why she is the way she is. So call it charm, presence, or just her skills, either way, Kravitz fleshes out Heather in ways the script doesn’t.


Jill’s Investigation

The film starts to lose its momentum when Kirke takes the reigns and not just because the transfer of focus leads to a drop in interest, but also her investigation is eye-roll inducing. How can someone made to seem so uninteresting evade cops and getting caught as she snuck into Devin’s room is beyond me. Maybe that’s something learned in boarding school or watching Heather act for years? Who knows?

Either way, while by no means questioning Kirke’s talents as an actress, I must say she doesn’t present that oomph to be the lead actress in a film like this.

On The Fence

The Twist

Jill as she discovers a dead body.
Lola Kirke as Jill.

The way the film is handled, Jill doesn’t necessarily solve the mystery as much as time goes on and she comes to realize the truth as news reports are put out. Which, while different, and you have to give the movie props for that, it also makes for a lackluster reveal.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive)

Between the whole Jill investigation, and Kirke not having the style of performance which can keep the movie interesting, after Kravitz exits, it makes it hard to recommend this movie. When Kravitz is there it is interesting, or at least tolerable, and seems like it could go into the less glamorous parts of celebrity. But, while her murder creates an almost Scream kind of appeal, that is quickly lost and you just want to check your phone to see how much longer this movie will be.

Hence the mixed label. The trailer for the film makes it seem far more interesting than it is, and with this being a limited release? It is really hard to say it is worth venturing out to one of the few theaters this is in just to see Kravitz be charming and Kirke try to take the baton and run with it.

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