Movies Falling Inn Love (2019) - Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

Falling Inn Love (2019) – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

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Simple, likable, a quick and easy watch. That’s the only way to explain Falling Inn Love.

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Director(s)Roger Kumble
Screenplay ByElizabeth Hackett, Hilary Galanoy
Date Released8/29/2019
Good If You LikeSimple Romance Films
Noted Cast
GabrielaChristina Milian
DeanJeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
CharlotteAnna Jullienne
JakeAdam Demos

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Plot Summary

Gabriela was living in San Francisco in a dead-end relationship with Dean when her employer, enVirona Tech, went belly up without notice. Yet, thanks to what seemed like a piece of spam mail, which ended up being legit, she inherits an inn in New Zealand. A place where she struggles a little to deal with the culture clash. However, the kindness of the people, even the off-putting Charlotte, leads her to wonder if she maybe didn’t find a distraction from her problems, something to keep her busy, but a new home.

Character Descriptions

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Wasn’t there a fee mentioned in the e-mail? What happened to that?
  2. Considering how many noted it was a scam, getting the house, why was that not picked up on at all?


It Showed Maori Culture

Between Manaaki and some showing of Maori culture, thankfully the film isn’t set in New Zealand and solely featuring its immigrants. Which isn’t to say Maori culture is heavily on display, since Gabriela’s love interest Jake isn’t Maori, but the nod is appreciated.

On The Fence

It’s A One And Done Film

This isn’t a film for repeated viewing. The romance between Gabriela and Jake is good enough to sit through for an hour and a half, but you won’t be left swooning. Also, when it comes to the story, there are so many reasons to question Gabriela’s decisions that you can’t just relax – if you’re an overthinker. First off, who clicks on an ad about a free inn when sent an e-mail from a stranger? Never mind, being told you won and then flying across an ocean when you just lost your job and have no supplemental source of income? Then when you add what the house looks like, being told you fell for a scam, which is never followed up on in the film, so comes the need to raise an eyebrow at what’s going on.

But, if you are able, or willing, to let that go, you can enjoy the film. It’s simple, the characters are likable, and even with Charlotte being a bit catty, petty, or simply villainous, it isn’t at a level to which you hate her. You get it. Gabriela is an outsider, a tourist, who is in the way of Charlotte’s little inn-mpire. Add on maybe her not feeling comfortable around certain kinds of people, and it makes sense.

Overall: Mixed (Divisive)

I’m starting to realize I might be underusing the criticism section when it comes to reviews. Yet, as much as Gabriela falling for a scam and it turning out okay kind of messes with me personally, this isn’t to say that will ruin the film for you. It could be seen as something funny, quirky, or a minor obstacle. One that is easily ignored if you find two attractive people, with minimal chemistry, falling in love adorable.

Hence the mixed label. Is Falling Inn Love a must-see? Heck no. It is a serviceable romance film strictly for those who love the genre when it doesn’t take itself too seriously. That and it is more worried about eccentric characters, and two attractive leads, than pretty much anything else. But, again, while it has its faults, it also has its charms which will help you make it to the credits.

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Review Summary

while it has its faults, it also has its charms which will help you make it to the credits.
It Showed Maori Culture
80 %
It’s A One And Done Film
70 %

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