Creed II – Summary/ Review (with Spoilers)

Creed II Ending (Spoilers)

Creed II - Title Card

How Does The Movie End For Ivan Drago

With seeing Viktor’s mother and the Russian aristocracy leave, and his son being pummeled in a similar manner to how he pummeled Apollo, Ivan calls off the match. For as much as he wants his son to be seen as strong, a true Russian bred fighter, he’d rather have his boy alive than dead and seen as some kind of enduring hero. For unlike how he was treated when he lost, he’ll make sure, even if everyone else abandons his son, his son knows he’ll always remain in his corner.

How Does The Movie End For Rocky

As Adonis starts his own family, Rocky feels the push to finally get around to talking to his son Bobby and meeting his grandson. Giving him not just his honorary status as part of the Creed family, but also having his own family to spend time with.

How Does The Movie End For Viktor Drago

Despite losing like his father, in his home country, dealing with the embarrassment of his own mother abandoning him, he realizes his father won’t too. He seemingly expects him to, especially since he saw how much his father loved this sort of renewed respect and status, but his dad doesn’t. They just go right back to training as before with Viktor perhaps knowing now it isn’t all about the fights and winning. It is about their bond and boxing being what strengthens it.

How Does The Movie End For Adonis

Adonis still is the world heavyweight champion, is engaged, has a daughter who might have hearing problems, but he is happy. All of which he talks to his dad about as he introduces his granddaughter to him. Well, his headstone.

How Does The Movie End For Mary Anne

Her son defeated a Drago and didn’t die. She also has a daughter in law she loves and a granddaughter who is cute as a button. It seems that big house of hers may feel a little less empty because of this newfound love in her life.

How Does The Movie End For Bianca

With her being signed to a label, making new tracks, happily engaged, and a new mom, Bianca is doing well. Increasingly uncomfortable with her man’s profession but she knows what she signed up for. Plus, she can’t ask him to stop boxing like he can’t ask her to stop performing. It is what fulfills them.

How Does The Movie End For Bobby

After not seeing his father in who knows how long, there is no questioning of why he is there or anything. Just a bit of a smile and appreciation he reached out. Especially so his son, who is walking, speaking in full sentences, probably going to school, can meet his grandpa. As well as, of course, Bobby reconnect with the man who he still has love for despite everything.

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