Thanks to the dynamic between Trey Songz and Jack Kesy, you get a surprisingly good action movie.

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Thanks to the dynamic between Trey Songz and Jack Kesy, you get a surprisingly good action movie.

Director(s) John Pogue
Written By Michael Finch, Karl Gajdusek
Date Released 11/30/2018
Genre(s) Action
Good If You Like Revenge Stories
Noted Cast
Sonny Tremaine “Trey Songz” Neverson
Joe Hassan Johnson
Kayvon JD Williams
Jake Jack Kesy

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Blood Brother‘s Plot (Ending on 2nd Page)

15 years. After Sonny, Joe, and Kayvon ran from Jake, who just stood that, that was how long he stayed in prison while they had freedom. Something he never forgave them for doing. But with Jake gets out, he makes some decisions. The kind which have him trying to figure out how Kayvon and Joe can feel what he felt and for Sonny? The one he called his brother, what would be the proper way to handle him? Thus leading to immense mayhem which can only end with a bullet.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So you’re telling me, the reason Jake was so pissed was because he didn’t think about running or because Sonny didn’t kill the guy he felt coerced to?


Jake v. Sonny

Jake (Jack Kesy) after slitting someone's throat.
Jake (Jack Kesy)

There is almost a Batman v. Joker vibe when it comes to Jake and Sonny’s war against one another. That is, if Batman was an actual cop, fine with guns, unquestionably murdering someone, and wasn’t rich. Exceptions aside, the way Jake pushes Sonny to his limits reminds you of what Joker always does with his favorite adversary and the way Kesy pushes Neverson makes them both seem like actors you should take note of.

For while Kesy has Claws, which has shown he has something to offer, like many, I’m sure, I don’t see musicians trying to be versatile as a good thing. Most seem to just be using their fame to find another stream of revenue. However, Neverson proves you may need to put him amongst Queen Latifah and a few others who can switch it up on a dime. They just need the right role and scene partner to succeed.


Jake’s Reason For Going Nuts

As noted in the “Question(s) Left Unanswered” it seems the main reason Jake goes off is because Sonny didn’t go down for him or with him. Making it feel like his brother lost his balls. Are you telling me Jake killed all these people over something like that? I get his brothers are crazy, and mom ain’t all there, but this aspect of the story was very iffy.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing) | Purchase Or Rent On (Amazon)

Sonny (Trey Songz) with a gun to his forehead.
Sonny (Trey Songz)

I fully recognize this seems like an odd choice to label as positive. However, Blood Brother really did go beyond expectations. Neverson and Kesy truly put on the kind of performance that gets you hyped. Especially for Jake is allowed to be full on crazy and kill indiscriminately. Making you wonder, who really is going to survive his wrath? Even to the point of wondering if Sonny may survive if Jake feels like his brother lost his balls forever.

Hence the positive label. To be honest, I was expecting this to be trash. While WWE Films did make Sleight, which I liked, there remains a red flag when it comes to their productions. Add in an R&B singer I haven’t heard a mainstream hit from in a long time, you can understand the hesitation. But, in the long run, none of it held weight and this definitely is something worth watching at least once. Just so you can feel a bit more comfortable if you see Neverson or Kesy’s name on anything in the future.

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