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“Becky” Plot Summary

“Becky” plays like a gossip story whispered to you by your friend. Written and directed by Justin Milton, this scandalous thriller starts with a premise that any couple has thought about. What if a stranger romantically tempts one partner and threatens the other? Is “Becky” corny? Yes. Is “Becky” predictable? Yes. Is “Becky” fun? Absolutely. 

Based on the slang term to refer to a white girl going after a taken black man, “Becky” shows us precisely that story to a comical and lethal end. “Becky” opens on a loving couple, Joy (Folusho Peters) and Greg (Marvin Young), who have just moved into a new house and new town. Joy and Greg are also embarking on new career paths; Greg is training to become a police officer, and Joy has a new job too (don’t ask me what it is). Just when we think they’re settling down as a couple, a knock comes at the door. And here we meet Becky (Larissa Dali), a blonde and perky neighbor living right next door who beams when she meets Greg. But her smile falters when she meets Joy. 

becky 2
Marvin Young and Folusho Peters star as Greg and Joy in “Becky” (Directed by Justin Milton, 2024)

Whether Greg is going on a jog or getting in his car, Becky is conveniently always around whenever Greg takes a step outside his house. The two are playful—dare I say flirtatious?—and the rest of the neighborhood and even Joy take notice. While Greg is adamant about being faithful to his wife, one night alone with Becky may push their flirtatious nature too far. This cursed night brings out a world of vengeance for Becky and a world of terror for Greg and Joy. 

“Becky” is silly and gets sillier as the story continues. Folusho Peters and Marvin Young each bring a grounded performance and natural likability to their characters and relationships, and Larissa Dali clearly has fun making the transition from an innocent neighbor to a threatening force. “Becky” is best watched in a group setting, and while no one may go home calling it a “good” movie, they will have a good time watching it. 

Content Information

“Becky” is not rated but includes mild profanity, smoking, some sexual content, and violence. Nothing a PG-13 rating hasn’t seen. 

“Becky” General Information

Director Justin Milton
Screenplay By Justin Milton
Date Released April 9, 2024
How To Watch Video On Demand
Genre(s) Thriller
Film Length 1 Hour, 30 Minutes
Content Rating Not Rated
Noted Characters and Cast
Joy Folusho Peters
Greg Marvin Young
Becky Larissa Dali

Character Descriptions

Please Note: This character guide is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, and character descriptions may contain what can be considered spoilers.

Joy (Folusho Peters)

Joy is starting a new job with her husband in a new house and in a new location. Joy’s concerns about her new job take a backseat when her husband starts to get suspiciously close to the neighbor.

  • The actor is also known for their role in “How to Get Away with Cheating.”

Greg (Marvin Young)

Greg is an aspiring police officer who bought Joy their new house. Greg is friendly to a fault as the neighbor keeps getting closer to him, despite his wife’s concern. 

  • The actor is also known for their role in “Bruised.”

Becky (Larissa Dali)

becky 3
Larissa Dali as Becky in “Becky” (Directed by Justin Milton, 2024)

Becky is Greg and Joy’s flirtatious neighbor. She immediately takes a liking to Greg, and she conveniently is always around whenever Greg is outside of the house. Despite Joy and Greg being married, she persists. 

  • The actor is also known for their role in “A Gettysburg Christmas.”

“Becky” Review

Our Rating: Mixed (Divisive)

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Scandalous Premise Delivers on the Goods

“Becky” quickly gets to its premise and slowly turns the heat up in every scene. Justin Milton makes his limited locations work in the plot’s favor, as Joy and Greg are new to this environment too. Greg and Becky’s initial flirtation feels common, possible, and what happens next will make viewers laugh and squeal. 

On The Fence

Silly Plot May Make You Laugh and Groan

Any thriller asks the viewer to put themselves in the protagonist’s shoes. What would you have done in the same situation? While “Becky” is grounded by believable acting, there are plot contrivances that can make viewers laugh and groan. The cop is willing to trust the first neighbor he meets without a background check on her? For such nosy neighbors, no one else calls Becky out for her behavior? Once again, this movie is best watched with a friend.

Focus on Becky Takes Away Tension

becky 5

Part of what makes “Becky” interesting also hinders the tension and element of surprise in the movie. The movie increasingly spends time getting to know Becky, and while a scene or two with her therapist is fine, the movie also shows her interacting with other neighbors, plotting how to enact vengeance, and taking a bubble bath. If this movie is a thriller or horror, we lose the suspense by seeing precisely what Becky is up to. 

Good If You Like

  • Scandalous movies that turn into fun thrillers.


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becky 1
Becky (2024) Review – The Most Juicy Gossip You’ll See
“Becky” is best watched in a group setting, and while no one may go home calling it a “good” movie, they will have a good time watching it. 
Scandalous Premise Delivers on the Goods
Silly Plot May Make You Laugh and Groan
Focus on Becky Takes Away Tension

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