“Always A Bridesmaid” is everything you could want and more from a romance film.

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“Always A Bridesmaid” is everything you could want and more from a romance film featuring all kinds of beautiful, intelligence, but sometimes emotionally stunted, Black people.

Director(s) Trey Haley
Screenplay By Yvette Nicole Brown
Date Released (Video On Demand) December 2019
Genre(s) Comedy, Romance
Duration 1 Hour, 37 Minutes
Noted Cast
Corina Javicia Leslie
Mark Jordan Calloway
Janelle Amber Chardae Robinson
Denise Jasmin Brown
Tamara Michelle Mitchenor
Bradley Tosin Morohunfola

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Plot Summary/ Review

When it comes to love, Corina is there to always celebrate the grand culmination of other people’s love, but it has been years since she has had any real prospects. She finds that potentially changing as someone she met at Hampton, where she and her friends are alumni, reenters her life after 10 years. Said person is Mark, an accountant who is doing well, and is the kind of man who likes to court, believes chivalry isn’t dead, and pretty much checks every box you can name.

The trouble is, after her father’s affair and her own stumbles with love, is Corina ready for Mr. Right?

Collected Quote(s) or .Gifs

Delay is not denial.
— Corina


Corina – 85

Corina (Javicia Leslie) and Mark (Jordan Calloway) on a date.
Corina (Javicia Leslie) and Mark (Jordan Calloway)

When it comes to a lot of films featuring Black folk, there is a clear and distinct line. Either they are like many 90s urban romances, where money is tight, but they still have pride and hope, or they are so well off that money is never treated as a thing. Corina is on the rich side and despite that, she thankfully doesn’t have any airs and graces which could cause a disconnection. Instead, Corina is a lovable lead who, due to being hurt by an ex, and her father’s past, is understandably fearful of the effects love can have. Specifically its ability to make you vulnerable to the point of being foolish.

And that makes it so, as we see her go on her journey with Mark, you can understand and connect with her desire to be with him, love him, yet also her dealing with this idea the shoe could drop. Which, admittedly, will get on your nerves, since the way Mark is written could get you hot and bothered, but the way Corina is written is with heart. That is, as opposed to how some folks write Black women with a past and it just being rooted in pure drama with little regard to the character’s humanity.

You know who I’m talking about.

Janelle – 90

Robinson is a scene-stealer. The kind that sometimes puts Leslie in her shadow and leads you to wonder why isn’t she the star of the movie? Why? Well, she is funny, she’s real, she is the sole big girl in the film who is consistently seen, and there is something about her which brings on the vibe that you know her from something or somewhere. As if this is a series, where she is a regular, and her antics are well known, anticipated, and never enough.

Janelle (Amber Chardae Robinson) in a sauna.
Janelle (Amber Chardae Robinson)

It Feels Like The Series Finale To A Show – 89

Piggybacking off the vibe this was a series, with there being 4 women, ranging from Janelle who is the single one who isn’t necessarily wild but more than willing to get down, Denise who is the partier, Tamara who is venturing towards domestic, then the caregiver which is Corina, you could easily imagine this as a sitcom. One that is being given a grand send-off after multiple seasons of watching Corina struggle with dating, seeing Tamara and Denise find their men after their journeys to find love and someone they are compatible with, and Janelle dating around but something not clicking.

This is all to say, you will be left wanting more and might feel a bit upset that there isn’t much reason for a sequel – beyond the idea of showing what happens after the assumed “Happily Ever After.”

The Skin Tone Diversity – 84

From the skin tones of Bradley, Tamara’s husband, to some of the ladies, we get a little bit of everything here. Granted, strictly in skin tone, for there isn’t really body diversity, but baby steps, right? Just getting folks, who are consistently seen and heard, that wouldn’t pass the paper bag test feels like a big deal.

On The Fence

So Janelle Couldn’t Be Married Too? – 75

But, with all that said, is it wrong to feel a certain type of way that the sole big girl in the film is single and got all the advice in the world for Corina but doesn’t even have a boyfriend? Never mind we don’t even see her on a date or talk about one? Much less, with it being clear she’d like to get married, due to her ready to fight for a bouquet of flowers, it isn’t like we could spin this as her being the friend who is fine with being single. Especially due to the peace it brings her and the money it keeps in her pocket.

So while not a massive blemish on the film, it is a noticeable spot that is worth pointing out.


Met Expectations – 86

I’d say it exceeded expectations for I was expecting something corny, to be honest. But that’s on me since I believe there is a hope that when you see this many Black folk in a movie, it will be good, but you don’t set your hopes too high just in case. For while there are still many theatrical releases starring Black people, even original productions, they are few and far between and range from “Queen and Slim” to “The Intruder.” This isn’t to say one is better than the other, but some are purely about entertainment, and the other is borderline awards bait.

As for “Always A Bridesmaid,” it is that rare romance that isn’t by Tyler Perry or released by Netflix that doesn’t seek the drama as much as it wants to explore the romance and the struggles people have with accepting and giving love. Which includes some of the most loving people you know.

Would Watch Again? – 83

This definitely has replay value. Corina’s journey is the type you can see yourself in, or a friend, and it makes a good popcorn on the couch film. Be it with your friends, your partner, or your damn self. Be it in times of joy or when you want to validate your feelings and the idea that love is going to be a struggle – till the right one decides to step up anyway.

Rating: Positive (Worth Seeing)

“Always A Bridesmaid” seems like a series that didn’t get picked up so it was repackaged as a movie. With that in mind, you get strong characters you are left wanting more of, a lead who you can easily relate to, and at least one character that, if the lead doesn’t fit who you are, there are a multitude of others who could be your spiritual twin. And with the only issue that we can come up with being Janelle is the lone big girl with a notable part, it is definitely worth seeing.


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Corina - 85%
Janelle - 90%
It Feels Like The Series Finale To A Show - 89%
The Skin Tone Diversity - 84%
So Janelle Couldn’t Be Married Too? - 74%
Met Expectations - 86%
Would Watch Again? - 83%


“Always A Bridesmaid” seems like a series that didn’t get picked up so it was repackaged as a movie.

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