68 Kill – Summary, Review (with Spoilers)

68 Kill is a bloody, sometimes comical, all the time ridiculous film that will consistently lead you to wonder: How can they top that?

Director(s) Trent Haaga
Screenplay By Trent Haaga
Date Released 8/4/2017
Genre(s) Action, Comedy
Good If You Like
  • Crazy Trailer Trash
  • A Decent Amount Of Gore
  • A Fool For A Lead
Noted Cast
Chip Matthew Gray Gubler
Liza Annalynne McCord
Ken Dave Maldonado
Violet Alisha Boe
Monica Sheila Vand
Dwayne Sam Eidson

68 Kill Plot Summary/ Synopsis

Poor Chip. After 6 months with Liza, a girl who is well known in the area, for more than one reason, she drastically messes up his life. How? Well, to get around $65,000, she pushes Chip to help rob her sugar daddy Ken. Problem is, Liza takes things too far and then a girl Ken has working for him, Violet, catches Liza and Chip in the act.

Leading to them having to kidnap her and, originally, the plan was to sell her to Liza’s brother Dwayne, who likes to mutilate girls. However, as with most plans made in this movie, what was projected to happen doesn’t. So you’ll just watch Chip struggle to stay alive, sane, and navigate the madness of everyone he encounters.


Between The Violence & Insanity, You’ll Never Be Bored

The women of the film, Liza, Violet, and Monica, they keep things very lively. Liza in the form of being that crazy girlfriend who makes you fear for your life and then when you add Dwayne? A dude who loves slasher movies and has taken it upon himself to become a killer, believe me, never a dull moment.

Then, when you add in Monica and her crazy crew? While they play a much smaller part than Liza, or Violet, they make their presence known. And when they face off against Liza and Dwayne, oh your eyes will be wide open like you just took a shot of espresso.


This isn’t really the kind of movie that is trying to get too deep. It’s meant to be fun, silly, and a good time. By no means is this supposed to be a tour de force in writing or performances. However, I will say, when Violet was allowed to flesh out her backstory and get more serious than what we’ve seen for most of the film, it was appreciated. For while it was clear many, if not most, of the characters have problems, it is made into a joke. So taking a beat and seeing Violet share an intimate moment, reveal how her life turned out how it did, it was a nice wake-up call. One which forced you to realize that, if you were to take this movie serious for a moment, you’d realize most of the madness was pure desperation.

Overall: Positive (Worth Seeing)

As long as you are looking for a fun movie which, by any means, doesn’t seek to be taken seriously, you’ll like 68 Kill. It has a decent cast of characters, of which Alisha Boe’s is allowed to shine, and it gives you just enough violence and gore to compensate for a basic story.

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68 Kill Ending Explained

So, Chip outlives everyone but not without serious trauma. First, after having sex with Violet, he finds her in the bathtub with her throat cut. On top of that, he decides to hunt down Monica, who is the one who killed Violet, and ends up tortured while Monica and her friends do drugs. Then, somehow, Liza traces him down, with Dwayne close behind, and this leads to an utter massacre of Monica’s friends.

But, rather than continue to be subject to Liza’s madness, Chip tries to walk away. However, Liza threatens him with a rifle. Hence him shooting her with a pistol, then Dwayne, because he would likely try to get revenge for his sister. Making it so the only one alive who knows this whole saga is Chip and Monica.

Now, Monica killed Violet, tortured Chip all night, but just avoided being brutally murdered and raped. So, with Chip saving her, it seems she wants to play nice. Problem is, that nice guy is gone so Chip kills her, takes the money she stole, takes the keys to Liza’s car, and hits the open road.

Is A Sequel Possible?

You could make one called 69 Kill, as a joke, but where could they take this movie? Chip finding love with someone who isn’t psycho? That wouldn’t make sense. Half the fun of 68 Kill is watching him get involved with women who seemingly will use, abuse, and maybe kill him. Oh, and rob him blind. So who’d want to see Chip’s pursuit of normalcy? It would be better just to let things be.

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Between The Violence & Insanity, You’ll Never Be Bored - 85%
Violet - 86%


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