Quotes & .Gifs From The Month of May 2020

In this post, you’ll find quotes collected and .gifs made during the month of May 2020.

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In this post, you’ll find quotes collected and .gifs made during the month of May 2020.

TV Series

[…] are you your country or are you your culture?
— Eddy | Vida s3e6

I’m not a moment, I’m a person.
— Danny | Love Life: Season 1 Episode 3 “Danny Two Phones”

“In the end, I can’t move on unless someone pulls me.”
— Shinako | Sign “Yesterday” For Me s1e7

“Admit when you don’t know something. Empty vessels make the most noise.”
— Silvia | Vida s3e4

“I don’t think it’s fair to compare traumas.”
— Dr. Sanford | 9-1-1 s3e18

“Make me feel like I matter, even if it is a lie.”
— Avis | Hollywood s1e1

One compliment from a woman is worth a thousand compliments from a man.
— Better Things s4e10


When there are no more surprises, then who am I doing it for?
— Maggie quoting Grace Davis | The High Note

Always save some of your money. Everyone can be humble if they don’t have any money. But I can’t say the same for rich people. Don’t ever forget that.
— #FriendButMarried

Humans have enough prejudice to build a mountain. One that remains immovable, no matter how hard you try.
— Shen | Ne Zha

There aren’t many chances in life to change one’s fate.
— Shen | Ne Zha

You’re not just the sum of your previous parts.
— Kat | Last Moment of Clarity

That story, with all the highs and lows, and what seems so ordinary, and what seems like nothing to you, is your power.
— Michelle Obama | Becoming

Up to that point, I had been what I describe in the book as a “box-checker.” I was doing what I thought I was supposed to do […] without really thinking about what I cared about.
— Michelle Obama | Becoming

[…] Fashion isn’t just fashion; it’s how you turn it into your tool, rather than being a victim of it.
— Michelle Obama | Becoming

Have perspective as you’re going through it, [don’t] let this time shape what will be.
— Michelle Obama | Becoming

The possibility of change […] is what hope is
— Stephen Colbert | Becoming

Slavery taught Black people how to survive, not how to live.
— Jahkor | All Day And A Night

Why do anybody matter? If all you gonna do is react to other people, what they say, what they think of you, and what they do, they you ain’t shit but they puppet.
— TQ | All Day And A Night

I sometimes hide behind other people’s words.
— Ellie | The Half Of It

I’m like a lot of people. Which makes me kind of no one.
— Aster | The Half Of It


If people know what you fear, you are the easiest person to control.
— Candace Owens

“Your problem is that you rely on other people knowing what they’re doing. You have to assume they don’t and plan accordingly.”
— Kevin O’Mac | Who’s Ready To Go Back To Disney World (Comment Section)

If you’re not you at the beginning, you’re just going to surprise that person later when you’re tired of it.
— Kat Dennings – Good For You Podcast

When I’m full and my heart is full, that’s when a relationship becomes [an] additive. You have to bring something to the table.
— Whitney Cummings – Good For You Podcast

Miracles are a change in perspective.
— Amanda Seales – Angela Rye and Amanda Seales Explain Why We Must Hold Joe Biden Accountable

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