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Title Card - David Makes Man Season 1, Episode 1 David's Sky [Series Premiere]
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In this post, you’ll find quotes collected from the OWN series: David Makes Man. I hope you enjoy the quotes collected.

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Season 1

Episode 3

“He wasn’t where I was from. He was worried where I was going.”
— David

Episode 6

You gotta choose or you drown.
— Sky

Some days, it feels like staying alive is more important than staying clean.
— Gloria

Episode 7

Ain’t no need to be a lion to a lamb.
— Sky

You can’t save everyone. Sometimes you got to give people they problems right back to them.
— Mx. Elijah

Episode 8

Never apologize for asking a favor from those who can help.
—Representative Reed

I’m trying to live and you worry about me being shamed?
— David

Episode 10

“I will come out this Maybelline and show you she born with it!”
– Mx. Elijah

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