Collected Quotes From The Month of March 2022

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In this post, you’ll find quotes collected from movies, television shows, podcasts, interviews, and more throughout March 2022.

Bel Air

Rich folk always say the rest of us are being prideful whenever us common folk insist on holding on to our dignity.
— Lou (1.10)

Remembering where you come from, doesn’t mean you can’t change your life for the better. The key to happiness is staying true to who you are, no matter where you are.
— Jazz (1.10)

This s*** won’t be so heavy if you let me carry it with you.
— Will (1.9)

It’s better to argue less, and listen more.
— Viv (1.8)

You didn’t climb no mountain, you were carried.
— Vy (1.8)

Iron sharpens iron, and sometimes sparks do fly.
— Phil (1.6)

Sometimes your pain gets misdirected.
— Viv (1.6)

Better Things

I’m jealous of everyone who gets to meet you down the road.
— Sam (5.1)


Shame is a gateway to relapse.
— Veera (3.7)

The Adam Project

Give yourself permission to be inadequette, then get to work.
— Elliot

The Breakfast Club

People have not only seen what I am but now they see who I am.
— Flame Monroe (The Breakfast Club)

The Good Doctor

Is it possible to be sure what the right thing is, but it’s also wrong to act on it?
— Shaun (5.10)

I’m not scared. I’m exhausted.
— Jordan (5.10)

You’re attributing an expired motive to her current actions.
— Dr. Allen (5.9)

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

“Don’t Plan. Work!”
— Lenny Bruce (4.8)

You ever feel so close to something you really want, so close that you just can’t stand it, so you destroy it? You-you blow it all up?
— Sophie (4.5)

The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey

All your life you wanted so hard, you worried you’re gonna take something ain’t yours.
— Ptolemy (1.4)

You don’t know whether to hate your condition or to hate yourself.
— Ptomely (1.3)

I ain’t saying I’m bad. It’s just that, I never stood up to be counted. I always kinda blended in with the crowd and went along with the program.
— Ptomely (1.3)

“You can’t have everything. You gotta accept that and settle on what you need.”
— Sensia (1.3)

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