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Collected Quotes For The Month of March 2021

by Amari
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In this post, you’ll find collected quotes from the month of March 2021.

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Good For You Podcast

Being nice isn’t nice because you’re really not being clear.
— Ep #77: ILANA GLAZER | Good For You Podcast with Whitney Cummings | Whitney

Perfectionism leads to procrastination which leads to paralysis.
— Ep #77: ILANA GLAZER | Good For You Podcast with Whitney Cummings | Whitney

For art to imitate life, you have to have a life.
— Ep #77: ILANA GLAZER | Good For You Podcast with Whitney Cummings | Whitney

It doesn’t get less painful, you just understand the pain. You get used to the pain, you understand it’s not going to harm you, because you done it before.
— Ep #74 : Lindsey Stirling | Good For You Podcast with Whitney Cummings


[…] what is grief, if not love preserving?
— Vision

Audrey (2020)

I don’t believe in collective guilt, but I do believe in collective responsibility.
— Audrey Hepburn

The Good Doctor: Season 4

Episode 11

We’re all crazy sometimes. Just takes the right motivation.
— Jordan

Genera+ion Season 1

Episode 8

I find randomness kind of hopeful.
— Bo

Episode 1

I’ll always be honest with you, you just might not always like it.
— Sam

Episode 6

My closeted self was so inside the box I was designing the blueprints for the box.
— Sam


You adjust to what was given.
— Tina Turner

You don’t address the wounds of your past, you continue to bleed.
— Tina Turner (Captions said Tina Turner, but it sounded like Oprah)

Redo of Healer: Season 1

Episode 11

Justice that only upholds one’s own ideals is completely worthless.
— Keyarga

Ginny and Georgia: Season 1

Episode 2

My mom knows she’s beautiful. She guards her beauty like someone’s trying to break in and steal it.
— Ginny

For a woman, life is a battle and beauty is a goddamn machine gun.
— Georgia

I know about masks. My mask never comes off.
— Ginny

I never felt beautiful, but I understand hiding.
— Ginny

Queen Sugar: Season 5

Episode 5

I’m only nervous about things I’m not sure about.
— Ralph Angel


[…] right now, I’m getting your perception, but what I need are the facts.
— Brooke

Tribeca Presents: Through Her Lens – Working with Actors with Kristen Stewart and Jenny Slate

[…] You just have to put yourself as you know yourself, onto the thing that is new and find all the commonalities and then gently go into the unknown territory. […] You are rarely a total alien and the environment is so rarely, completely inhospitable. So find where it matches and then start to try to figure out what works and what things would like and be very safe.
— Jenny Slate

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is, you’re not supposed to, when you’re learning something new, that doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to erase all traces of yourself.
— Jenny Slate

It’s been a great comfort to me to realize that there’s a difference between changing how I appear and trying to disappear.
— Jenny Slate

I’ve always wondered, […] am I good at it or am I just good when I’m comfortable?
— Jenny Slate

We do fucked up things, and we become who we are in the fall out of that.
— Kristen Stewart

I really, really want to e honest about my feelings, and I’ve started to [feel] like, I just don’t trust that culture is there to take in my story if I present it as me.
— Jenny Slate

It took me a while to get the confidence to be like, “I think my point of view at least is right for me.”
— Jenny Slate

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