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Collected Quotes for the Month: March 2018

In this post you’ll find quotes and .gifs collected or made during the month of March.

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“The wheel turns. […] If [you’re] doing things, creating things, sometimes you have to wait for your moment. It’s like real estate, it can hold its value but finish it. Don’t [leave it] half done because its time will come.”
Erika Alexander

“They talk about the love of money, but the lack of money is just as corrupt and as dangerous and disruptive.”
Erika Alexander

“People say, ‘Well, do you go to church?” and I say, ‘Not often because all the sinners are there.’”
Erika Alexander

“I think whoever fed you religion, is how you take it in. So if they fed it to you and they were corrupt, then you don’t take it in as being pure.
Erika Alexander

“We live in a world now, people don’t’ care about what you actually said, they wanna go off what they felt you said.”
— Charlamagne Tha God (@cthagod)

“It just feels like everyone wants something different, but no one wants to do anything different to get it.”
— Donald Glover Rips Marvel in ‘Deadpool’ Script After Exiting Animated Series

The Rest

“People don’t change, life changes people.”
— “Side Effects of Fuckboys” Small Doses

“People don’t wanna be used, but they wanna be useful.”
— #SmallDoses

“For Black people, the past is painful, present precarious, but the future is free. We always create the future. That’s why you have rock and roll, and the blues, and jazz. We’re the aliens you took from across the ocean to rock your world and make your planets twirl.”
Erika Alexander

“They left blueprints for us, but it’s in a book.”
Erika Alexander

“Poverty, […] they say it can give you strength but it can also weaken you because, it’s not the love of things, it’s because you don’t have anything and so you start to manipulate people based on what you think they can give you.”
Erika Alexander

“Do you want people to understand? Or do you just want to believe you’re the only one suffering?”
— “Live and Let Live.”

“The answer won’t be found on the surface. It’s always behind the scenes.”
— “Episode 3.” B – The Beginning

“They’re not so dumb after all […] but that doesn’t mean they’re smart.”
“Episode 2” B – The Beginning

“I think when you’re a kid, you’re only afraid of the things that can hurt you. But when you get older, you become more afraid of hurting the people you care about.”
—”Farewell.” Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

“Being a legend don’t mean anything baby, being a legend doesn’t mean anything. What means something is being relevant.”
— #Whoopi Goldberg (

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