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Therapist never really tell you what you should do. They ask you what you think you should do. If they know the correct answer, they hold it close to their vests as if they were in a poker match in a way that lets you know, ‘I’m here to listen, but you will be fucking up your life on your own, kiddo.'”
— “Twelve Sixty-six.” This Is Just My Face, Try Not To Stare (Page 136)

Many people in general, not just celebrities, write about their own lives to find purpose for pain. […] Writing this book has […] allowed me to see people who have hurt me as just that. People. The hurt is no longer part of the equation. People. Just like me. I’m a person who has been hurt, but I’m also a person who has hurt.
— “Next.” This Is Just My Face, Try Not To Stare (Page 234)

My body is not a character description.
— “Will I Still Be Beautiful When I’m Not Fat.” This Is Just My Face, Try Not To Stare (Page 226) | Noted to be said by Amber Riley

[…] my least favorite game ever: the “Is This a Date?” game! Fun for no one! Here’s how it goes. Flirty dude will text me some flirty/ friendly shit a few times, and then say, “We should link up.” Now the word link is some tricky Clinton administration number-one shit. It’s language that makes it hard to tell what’s actually happening. You can link up with your mom to celebrate her birthday but you can also link up with the dweeb you cheat off of in science class to let him cop a feel under the bleachers. What exactly does link up even mean? Nobody knows! And you can’t know until after the linkup!
— “Is This a Date?” This Is Just My Face, Try Not To Stare (Page 170)

Dating seems to conclude with something being wrong with me. I’m not sure the mental gymnastics are worth it. […] In fact, I’m not done with dating just because I’m tired of it. It’s not even really my decision to stop. I’m being forced into retirement.
— “Is This a Date?” This Is Just My Face, Try Not To Stare (Page 166-167)

You keep your horrible boyfriend around because you feel like shit, and he’s the only one around who agrees with you. He validates the part of you that thinks you deserve bad things instead of good things. When you start believing that you deserve good things, you’ll dump him because he won’t fit anymore. But for now, he treats you like shit because that’s what you want.
— “Is This a Date?” This Is Just My Face, Try Not To Stare (Page 166)

The Rest

I’m comfortable talking about pain. I’m comfortable talking about self-love. But the concept of romantic love feels weird and kind of foreign in my brain.
— “Is This a Date?” (Page 158)

I’m tired of hearing my upstairs neighbors have sex. It feels like a super-inconvenient threesome.
— “Is This a Date?” (Page 167)

I wanted to say no. No made the most sense. But writing this book had reminded me that my life has been filled with nos from other people. The only time something got interesting in my life was when someone said yes.
— “Next.” (Page 236)

She did exactly what she wanted to do instead of what she felt she had to do.
— “Next.” (Page 236)

[…] Knowing better doesn’t always result in doing better.
—”Will I Still Be Beautiful When I’m Not Fat?” (Page 217)

[…] that’s the funny thing about internet comments. They are the same as those walk buttons. Just placebos.
—”Will I Still Be Beautiful When I’m Not Fat?” (Page 215)

Feelings aren’t an absence of strength.
— “Claw-foot Tub and Mermaid Tale.” – Page 9

[…] while I played Precious, she’s not me. We may have the same face and body, but we stand for two completely different things. Precious is a survivor, and I refuse to be anyone survivor because I prefer to think of myself as a winner.
— “Claw-foot Tub and Mermaid Tale.” – Page 3

I’m very organized in my pettiness, and I like to plan ahead.
— “Claw-foot Tub and Mermaid Tale.” – Page 3

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