A cast and character guide for the Netflix series Unorthodox featuring who plays who, information about each character, and other noteworthy information about the show.

Please Note: This content contains pertinent spoilers, descriptions are updated as new information is presented, images changed as better ones are captured, and this is not an exhaustive list of every cast member, guest star, or reoccurring role.

Esther “Esty”

Played By Shira Haas

First Noted In – Episode 1 “Part 1”

Brief Description

The focus of “Unorthodox,” Esty is a 19-year-old woman raised in an ultra-orthodox community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn who, at one time, dreamed of starting a family of her own – especially since she was raised without her mother. However, as she discovered the expectations of women in the ultra-orthodox community, and had issues with her husband spread throughout the community, she decides to leave for Berlin – the place her mother, Leah, ran off to.

Additional Information About Esty

  • She enjoys playing piano
    • 1.4: Played piano for 3 years.
  • 1.1: Previous to leaving for Berlin, Esty never left New York City.
    • Born 12/12/1998
  • 1.3: Is told she has vaginismus
  • 1.4: Was in school until she was 17
    • Is a mezzo sorprano


Malka (Ronit Asheri) and Grandma (Dina Doronne) prepping Esty for the matchmaker.
Malka (Ronit Asheri) and Grandma (Dina Doronne)

Played By Ronit Asheri

First Noted In – Episode 1 “Part 1”

Brief Description

Malka is Esty’s aunt who raised her alongside Esty’s grandmother.

Additional Information About Malka

  • Appears to be Mordecai’s biological sister, as opposed to second wife

Esty’s Grandmother, “Babba,” or Mrs. Schwartz

Grandma (Dina Doronne) at the dinner table.
Grandma (Dina Doronne)

Played By Dina Doronne

First Noted In – Episode 1 “Part 1”

Brief Description

Esty’s grandmother, Mordecai and Malka’s mother, who is the matriarch of their family and Esty’s safe place. At least until she runs away.

Additional Information About Esty’s Grandmother

  • 1.1: Is from Hungary, originally


Yanky (Amit Rahav) when he first meets Esty.
Yanky (Amit Rahav)

Played By Amit Rahav

First Noted In – Episode 1 “Part 1”

Brief Description

Esty’s husband who comes from a respectable family and is an utter mother’s boy. Even to the point of speaking to his mother about issues he is having with Esty that most would never speak to their mother about.

Additional Information About Yanky

  • 1.2: Actual name is Jacob, but nickname is Yanky


Esty and Mordecai (Gera Sandler) collecting rent.
Esty and Mordecai (Gera Sandler)

Played By Gera Sandler

First Noted In – Episode 1 “Part 1”

Brief Description

Esty’s father whose main job is collecting rents. Outside of that, he is a known drinker, and has embarrassed himself on more than one occasion, and is one of the primary reasons Esty wasn’t raised with her mother.

Additional Information About Mordecai


Leah Mandelbaum

Leah talking to Esty about what happened when Esty was a child.

Played By Alex Reid

First Noted In – Episode 1 “Part 1”

Brief Description

Esty’s mother who isn’t a native to Brooklyn, but is actual European, and went back to Europe after a sordid marriage to Moredecai.

Additional Information About Leah

  • 1.1: Is in a homosexual relationship in Berlin
    • Born 2/14/1976
  • 1.4: The first time she has spent time with Esty, without a chaperone, in 15 years

Miriam Shapiro

Miriam (Delia Mayer) and Symcha (Harvey Friedman) as they hear about Esty's disappearance.
Miriam (Delia Mayer) and Symcha (Harvey Friedman)

Played By Delia Mayer

First Noted In – Episode 1 “Part 1”

Brief Description

Yanky’s mother who is perhaps the most vocal and outspoken of any ultraorthodox woman, especially when in mixed company.

Additional Information About Miriam

  • 1.1: Nickname is Mimi


Symcha Shapiro

Symcha (Harvey Friedman) entering a room.
Symcha (Harvey Friedman)

Played By Harvey Friedman

First Noted In – Episode 1 “Part 1”

Brief Description

Yanky’s father who okays the investigation into where Esty went and her retrieval, but doesn’t do or say much throughout the series.

Additional Information About Symcha

  • 1.1: Family owns a jewelry business



Moishe (Jeff Wilbusch) learning of how he can redeem himself by finding Esty.
Moishe (Jeff Wilbusch)

Played By Jeff Wilbusch

First Noted In – Episode 1 “Part 1”

Brief Description

A disgraced member of Yanky’s family, specifically Yanky’s cousin, who dabbles in things he isn’t supposed to. Thus leading to him not being welcomed warmly unless his particular skills are needed or useful – like trying to coerce Esty home.

Additional Information About Moishe



Robert (Aaron Altaras) getting coffee for his friends.
Robert (Aaron Altaras)

Played By Aaron Altara

First Noted In – Episode 1 “Part 1”

Brief Description

A German boy who Esty meets when she arrives in Berlin, and seems to have a crush on.

Additional Information About Robert



Dasia (Safinaz Satter) at the beach.
Dasia (Safinaz Satter)

Played By Safinaz Satter

First Noted In – Episode 1 “Part 1”

Brief Description

One of the first friends Esty makes in Berlin, who helps her integrate into her and Robert’s friend group.

Additional Information About Dasia

  • 1.1: Is from Yemen, but grew up in Munich.



Dasia (Safinaz Satter) and Yael (Tamar Amit-Joseph) meeting Esty for the first time.
Dasia (Safinaz Satter) and Yael (Tamar Amit-Joseph)

Played By Tamar Amit-Joseph

First Noted In – Episode 1 “Part 1”

Brief Description

One of Dasia and Robert’s friends who, with being Jewish, from Israel, helps everyone understand what and where Esty ran from but is also someone who puts Esty most on edge.

Additional Information About Yael

  • 1.1: Played violin in military orchestra


Vivian (Laura Beckner) in her home.
Vivian (Laura Beckner)

Played By Laura Beckner

First Noted In – Episode 1 “Part 1”

Brief Description

A piano teacher who lives in one of Mordecai’s buildings, who taught Esty piano for years in lieu of rent.

Additional Information About Vivian

Karim Hafez

Karim (Yousef Sweid) speaking with Esty.
Karim (Yousef Sweid)

Played By Yousef Swied

First Noted In – Episode 2 “Part 2”

Brief Description

One of the professors of Chalhulm Conservatory who takes to Esty and tries to help her get into the conservatory.

Additional Information About Karim

General Information

Network Netflix
Creator(s) Anna Winger, Alexa Karolinski
First Aired 3/26/2020

Notable Locations

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Where most of the flashback are located as we watch Esty begin the process of courtship and get married to Yanky.


Where Esty runs off to, and is a citizen of, thanks to her mother.

Chalhulm Conservatory of Music

Where Robert, Dasia, Yael, and others study music.

  • Has an 8% acceptance rate

Other Noteworthy Information

  • 1.2: The year is 2019 and most of what happens is between 2018 to 2019.
  • 1.4: The reason behind why the Ultraorthodox are the way they are is explained.



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