Welcome to Jefferson, Florida. A town in which two 9-year-olds get the pleasure of discovering a dead body.

Review (with Spoilers)

This will be my third John Green book after The Fault in Our Stars as well as Looking for Alaska, which honestly I’m more so reading because there is a movie for this being made over a true genuine interest. For, at the moment, I feel like John Green like will find The Fault in Our Stars being where he peaked. Which isn’t to say this new book he is working on will be bad, but I doubt it will have the emotional impact The Fault in Our Stars had. But, as for this book, right now I feel interested because it seems to be a romance/ mystery. Though with Margo having what I believe would fit the whole Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope, I hope this stays interesting.

Characters & Story

Not much is talked about in the first chapter. We are introduced to Quentin, who has yet to really tell us much about himself, besides both of his parents being therapist;  and then there is Margo who pretty much is a manic pixie dream girl whose quirk seems to be her love for mysteries. One of which involves a man named Robert Joyner. In the prologue, after discovering his body in the playground at the tender age of 9, while Quentin freaks out, Margo is ever curious. So curious that when Quentin goes home and somewhat tries to avoid the incident, Margo, on the other hand, investigates and not only speaks with the cops but also to Mr. Joyner’s neighbor in order to understand why Mr. Joyner ended up dead. Leaving us with their odd relationship established in which you can see Quentin’s life, and what makes him interesting, may solely be Margo. Making me feel like Hazel before him, he is the Batman to Margo’s Joker, and surely, as more characters are introduced, he’ll continue to become more and more boring as time goes on.


It’s too early to tell if this maybe good or not. Even with that said, though, just reading through the prologue makes me think the main reason someone may touch this book is because of the cover or John Green’s name on it. Outside of that, while Margo sounds interesting, she also sounds like the increasingly generic girl who perhaps should be the star of her own story and not just a detailed love interest.

Things To Note

The reviews written for the two previous John Green novels are two years old, almost, and from when I first started doing reviews. So, with that said, excuse the quality of them.

For now, chapter by chapter reviews may retain the spoiler filled review format. That is until I get a feel for the book for the chapters on my computer are only two – four pages long which makes it hard to now be lazy and do the spoiler filled review. But, as you can see, I’m trying to improve in other areas. Give me time.


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