Title Card - First Kiss (2018)

Does Roos have her first kiss, does Susan prevail over her sister Jeanette and will Yannick’s decision cost his father’s life? Read First Kiss’ ending explained.

Director(s) Roy Poortmans
Screenplay By Dick Bouquet
Date Released (Netflix) 10/1/2019
Genre(s) Romance
Where To Buy, Rent, or Stream? Netflix
Noted Cast
Roos Vajen Van Den Bosch
Susan Leontine Borsato
Jeanette Caroline De Bruijn
Yannick Buddy Vedder
Germaine Stijn Fransen
Rick Bastiaan Ragas

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Ending Explained

Despite all Yannick does, including putting red peppers into the mix of the 10th-anniversary lipstick collection of First Kiss, he is forgiven. In fact, not only is he forgiven, but he does not go to jail. Also, Susan pays for his father’s 50,000 euro surgery, he keeps his job as a photographer, and he wins Roos – and may even be getting married to her!

Yet, when it comes to Jeanette and her daughter, Germaine, they go to prison for 18 months, and Jeanette’s company has to pay Susan/ First Kiss 20 million euros. Money used to not just pay for Yannick’s father to get his surgery in London, but also to expand the business into London and Milan.

But the good doesn’t end there! After Yannick tracking him down, Rick speaks to Susan and introduces himself to Roos as her father. Leading to many happy endings, which strangely includes Yannick, despite his confession.

Is A Sequel Possible?

The film could follow up on Roos’ relationship with her mother, father, and her new fiancée. Also, with such an expansion, we could see how Susan is handling it while maintaining what made First Kiss a success in the first place. Also, it would be nice to see what Jeanette did after going to jail and maybe getting to know who Germaine is beyond Jeanette’s daughter who has a blind hatred towards her aunt and no relationship with her cousin.

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