The Suicide Squad (2021) Cast and Character Guide (with Ending Spoilers)

A guide for the film “The Suicide Squad.” Noted are cast members, information about their character(s), and additional details about the film’s story and characters.

Please Note: This content contains pertinent spoilers, the post is updated as new information is presented, images changed as better ones are captured, and this is not an exhaustive list of every cast member.

General Information

Director(s) James Gunn
Writer(s) James Gunn
Release Date 8/5/2021
Where Can You Watch? In Theaters, HBO Max


In this soft reboot, Amanda Waller sends two teams to Corto Maltose, a country in turmoil after a military coup. One group is led by Colonel Rick Flag, featuring Harley Quinn, while the other by Bloodsport, featuring Peacemaker, Ratcatcher 2, Polka Dot Man, and King Shark. Between their two teams, the goal is to decimate the anti-American regime on the island and destroy their weapon, which is a threat to the United States. However, between a botched landing, betrayals, desertions, getting captured, bullets flying, a giant starfish, and more, you’re left to wonder who may complete the mission, assuming they don’t die trying to.

Groups & Organizations

Noteworthy Information

  • Post-Credit Scene: Despite Bloodsport shooting him, Peacemaker lives! Granted, in critical condition, but he is very much alive. Now, as for why Bloodsport shot Peacemaker? It is due to Peacemaker threatening Ratcatcher 2’s life. You see, she possessed a hard drive that would prove that the United States of America was involved with Project Starfish and financed the brutal dictatorship that existed before the military coup. Which Peacemaker only recently killed Colonel Rick Flag over, since Colonel Flag planned to expose the US Government.

Cast & Character Guide

Please Note: This is not an exhaustive list of every cast member.

Amanda Waller (Viola Davis)

The head of a secret government organization who coerces super villains to take on dangerous missions, by any means necessary, that the United States government doesn’t want its heroes or military to take on.

Additional Information

Colonel Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman)

One of the two team leads of Waller’s Suicide Squad for the Corto Maltose mission who is far more personable than his counterpart, Bloodsport, and the only one amongst the two teams who isn’t a villain.

Additional Information

Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie)

At this point, it seems Harley joins up with the Suicide Squad for a free vacation with pre-planned activities. Also, it allows her to meet new people and expand her network if not allows her to meet someone special.

Additional Information

Bloodsport (Idris Elba)

If Bloodsport could have helped it, he would have never joined the Suicide Squad. However, even with having a volatile relationship with his daughter, Tyla, she is enough of a liability for Waller to coerce him to work with her.

Additional Information

Tyla (Storm Reid)

Tyla is Bloodsport’s 16-year-old daughter who lives out in Louisiana, with an awareness of who her dad is, but limited contact due to his lack of interest in being a father.

Additional Information

Peacemaker (John Cena)

Perhaps the most imperfect soldier since he’ll do anything for his country, including murdering women and children, but with his willingness to go to extremes, sometimes without direction from a government agency, he is a useful but dangerous tool.

Additional Information

Ratcatcher 2 (Daniela Melchior)

The daughter of a brilliant man brought down by his addictions, Ratcatcher 2 may not have continued her father’s research or experiments, but she does know how to use the tools her father created to communicate and influence rats.

Additional Information

Polka Dot Man (David Dastmalchian)

As a child, Polka Dot Man and his siblings were experimented on by their mother, who wanted to make them into superheroes. Unfortunately, in the process of doing so, she killed many of her children, drove some mad, and in the case of Polka Dot Man, while his crimes aren’t dived into, it’s clear he has serious mommy issues. But with him being able to shoot out polka dots that disintegrate whatever they touch, he is quite the asset.

Additional Information

King Shark (Sylvester Stallone)

Allegedly, King Shark is the descendent of a legendary shark species, but with limited speaking abilities and a hunger for human flesh, learning anything beyond how formidable King Shark is would be hard.

Additional Information

Blackguard (Pete Davidson)

Not much is revealed about Blackguard, besides being a jerk and traitor, hence being one of the first to die in the movie.

Additional Information

The Suicide Squad (2021) Ending (Spoilers)

The only survivors are Bloodsport, Harley Quinn, Ratcatcher 2, and King Shark by the end of the film. Some die, like Polka Dot Man, in pursuit of killing Starro the Conqueror, aka the giant starfish. Others, like Peacemaker and Colonel Rick Flag, die, as noted above, over the information regarding the experiments done on Starro the Conqueror. But most die during the beach landing, specifically Colonel Rick Flag’s team.

Oh, and to no longer be beholden to Amanda Waller, Bloodsport blackmails her with the hard drive Colonel Rick Flag obtained that could reveal everything. Hence allowing him, Harley, Ratcatcher 2, King Shark, and Bloodsport’s daughter Tyla to go free.

Does The Suicide Squad (2021) Have Prequel/ Sequel Potential?

Considering in the post-credit scene Peacemaker lives, and that he was the only one who remained loyal to the mission and Waller? Yes, a sequel is possible with Peacemaker as a team leader. Especially considering it isn’t just the Suicide Squad who disobeyed Waller’s orders, regarding the hard drive and taking on Starro the Conqueror, but even Waller’s own staff rebelled and knocked her out. The reason? So that Waller wouldn’t kill Bloodsport and his team when they decided to take on Starro the Conqueror, rather than abandon Corto Maltose as Waller wanted.

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