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Spontaneous (2020) – Preview

by Amari

Katherine Langford, Charlie Plummer, and Hayley Law in one movie – what more could you want? Well, besides teens spontaneously combusting?

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Director(s)Brian Duffield
Writer(s)Brian Duffield
Release Date (Digital)10/6/2020
Noted Cast Members
MaraKatherine Langford
DylanCharlie Plummer
TessHayley Law
Guidance CounselorYvonne Orji
Mara’s MomPiper Perabo
Mara’s DadRob Huebel

Official Synopsis

When students in their high school begin inexplicably exploding (literally…), seniors Mara (Katherine Langford) and Dylan (Charlie Plummer) struggle to survive in a world where each moment may be their last. As an unexpected romance blossoms between them, Mara and Dylan discover that when tomorrow is no longer promised, they can finally start living for today!

Cast Guide

Note: Descriptions are partly based on presumptions from images and/or other press materials.

Mara (Katherine Langford)

Mara (Katherine Langford) hanging out a window.

Mara (Katherine Langford)

From what it appears, Mara, like Dylan, is a senior at Covington High School, and she is just biding her time until she can get free. But then kids start dying, and that prolongs her suffering.

Dylan (Charlie Plummer)

Dylan (Charlie Plummer)  with his long locks on his shoulders, stunned by something.

Dylan (Charlie Plummer)

A relatively new kid who finds Mara weird, but weird in a way that matches his weird. Thus a crush is born.

Tess (Hayley Law)

Tess (Hayley Law) taking note a boy is behind her.

Tess (Hayley Law)

Mara’s best friend.

Guidance Counselor (Yvonne Orji)

Yvonne Orji giving advice

Yvonne Orji

One of the guidance counselors at Covington High School

Mara’s Mom (Piper Perabo)

Mara's Mom (Piper Perabo), Mara (Katherine Langford), and Mara's Dad (Rob Huebel) at the kitchen room table together.

Mara’s Mom (Piper Perabo), Mara (Katherine Langford), and Mara’s Dad (Rob Huebel)

Mara’s Dad (Rob Huebel)

First Impression

Covington High School aka ground zero.

A comedy with teens blowing up, massive amounts of sarcasm, a love story between weirds, and starring the people noted above? Let’s just say this either is going to be the perfect way to start the fall or one of the biggest disappointments in recent memory. But, based on the trailer, how could this go wrong? We even don’t know how this will end, beyond Mara and Dylan likely getting together.

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