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Coming Soon: 13 Graves (2019)

Those who kill awaken some spiritual force, and it seems the blood they spilled in a sacred forest may soon include theirs.

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Director(s)John Langridge
Screenplay ByJohn Langridge
Date Released6/25/2019
Genre(s)Action, Horror
Good If You Like (First Impression)Blood, Violence, And Cults
Isn’t For You If You (First Impression)If you think mixing mobsters with the supernatural is an odd combination
Noted Cast
FrankKevin Leslie
TerryMorgan James

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Plot Summary

Two seasoned contract killers, disposing of their latest victim in a mob graveyard, are stalked through the ancient forest by a malevolent supernatural force.


There is something to be said about karma. When you think of mob killers, often karma would be going to jail, paying restitution, or living their lives in fear after snitching. However, in 13 Graves case, it appears karma will come in the form of a cult. One which has been watching closely and is ready for Frank (Kevin Leslie) and Terry (Morgan James) to pay for their sins.

Now, as for who runs this cult, why, and whether they are getting revenge or see themselves as the hand of God? That’s hard to say. However, On June 25th, you can find out.

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