Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: Season 2/ Episode 2 “Zoey’s Extraordinary Distraction” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Zoey and Max about to kiss

It’s time for Zoey to consummate her new relationship! Well, if she ever finds the time since Leif is struggling in his role as manager.

It’s time for Zoey to consummate her new relationship! Well, if she ever finds the time since Leif is struggling in his role as manager.

Director(s) Anya Adams
Writer(s) Sam Laybourne
Aired (NBC) 1/12/2021
Introduced This Episode
Yasmeen Melanie Hidalgo-Cruz
Cass Beta Chan
McKenzie Morgan Taylor Campbell
Jenna Jee Young Han

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The Older, Less Dependable Sister – Jenna, Emily, Maggie

As shown, Emily needs help. David is working during the day, trying to parent at night, but doesn’t truly experience the weight of dealing with a newborn and the isolation that causes. And while Maggie is great, she may not be in bed and mourning, but she hasn’t really gotten past her survivor’s guilt. So, Jenna, Emily’s older sister coming around is a mixed bag.

Jenna (Jee Young Han) showing up with burritos
Jenna (Jee Young Han)

On a positive note, Jenna doesn’t seem to have a job or anything going on, making it so she could help for a long time. However, the negative thing about Jenna is that she and Emily are opposites, and while they get along, it’s cordially. By no means are these two buddy-buddy, nor would they probably interact if they weren’t related. Well, Jenna, being the social butterfly she is, she might interact with Emily, but there wouldn’t be much reciprocity in enthusiasm.

Sibling issues aside, Maggie decides to take on Jenna becoming of help to Emily by teaching her empathy and pushing her to think less about what would make her happy and more about what would make Emily happy. Thus, Emily starts to like and appreciate her sister.

It’s Not That I Don’t Trust You, I Don’t Trust Myself – Mo, Max

Mo is uneasy about starting a business with Max once he starts talking paperwork. It was all fun and games until he made a contract, and even without a notary or anything to make the document truly legally binding, Mo decides it might be best to walk away.

Why? Well, Mo once was going to start a jeans company with one of their closest friends, but due to the decision to make last-minute designs and fully take over, they steamrolled said friend. Heck, they didn’t just steamroll them but cut them out of a deal that was in the making. Which Mo doesn’t want to do to Max, but after some trust exercises, which included Max noting his father never said he was proud of him, Mo begins to trust themselves and how they’ll act with Max.

Max noting he likes done up Zoey
Max: Is it bad that I think I like this version of you better?

However, what sweetens the deal is Mo getting to give Zoey a head-to-toe makeover, which may make you feel Jane Levy headed back to Shameless for a scene.

Somethings Just Need A Little Estrogen – Yasmeen, Cass, McKenzie, Leif, Tobin, Zoey, Max

After waiting so long to finally get together, all Zoey wants to do is make out and make her first time with Max romantic and special. However, there are two major obstacles. The first one is that Leif has lost control of the fourth floor, thanks to Tobin, and because Tobin has created a frat culture, Leif has tried to compensate by doing all the work.

This leads to an update that causes the watches of the company to overheat and create a nightmare. One which Simon handles and gets a promotion in the process, but it doesn’t change the issue of Leif being ineffective as a manager. So, rather than allow him to wallow or try to do two jobs, Zoey decides to bring some coders from the fifth floor, Yasmeen, Cass, and McKenzie, to the fourth floor in a swap.

Tobin hates this, but with the idea that the boys might behave with some women around, Zoey finds the peace she needs to focus on Max. Someone who struggles to not sing while having sex, and between “I’ll Make Love To You” and the baseball song some use to not ejaculate quickly, Zoey isn’t digging what’s happening.

Add in Max keeps wanting to do choreography that is more show tunes than sexy, it seems like the night that had been postponed would never happen. But, thanks to the two talking and Zoey singing with Max, so that both can get into what’s going on, the deed is done.



More New Blood Joining The Cast

I’m going to keep positive and welcome these new cast members. Granted, it isn’t clear how big of a role any will play because Jenna could be gone in the next episode and in terms of Leif’s staff? Outside of Tobin, and the new guy, the rest of them I didn’t know the names of until we were told they were going to the fifth floor.

Cass (Beta Chan), McKenzie (Morgan Taylor Campbell), and Yasmeen (Melanie Hidalgo-Cruz) joining the fourth floor
L to R: Cass (Beta Chan), McKenzie (Morgan Taylor Campbell), and Yasmeen (Melanie Hidalgo-Cruz)

So let’s hope these new ladies make an impact. Especially Jenna, since she is the key to us getting a better idea of who Emily is beyond David’s perfectionist wife.

Mo’s Trust Issues

When it comes to characters like Mo, who are vibrant and oh so lovable, the means they use to make them more human, even three dimensional either come in the form of humbling them or villainizing them. This episode tried to remind us Mo is selfish by showing us that they will literally push out a close friend for the sake of creative control.

And what we appreciated is that they made it clear it wasn’t because of Zora, it was all them. Taking responsibility and being honest may not have made them less of a jerk. Yet, it showed that they have accepted their role, admit to what they did, and considering it has been 6 years since they talked, Mo has seemingly accepted the consequences. With that said, a part of me would like to see Mo and Max still not have the perfect business partnership since Mo may have experience working with someone and owning that thing, but Max doesn’t.

But, what makes this situation different is Max is working on the tech and Mo on the creative side, so they need each other. This means we should be getting quite a few duets as they deal with their relationship’s push and pull – especially as they seek Zoey to take their side.

Zoey Getting Herself Some

Can we all celebrate Zoey getting herself some? And her seemingly enjoying it? In many shows, there is this question of whether women can have it all, and considering Zoey’s family is doing good, she has her house in order at work, Mo isn’t going off the rails, and things are good with Max? I think we have our answer!

Granted, the next episode pushes the idea her grief will make a dramatic return, but for however many days this episode focused on, she got to live her best life, and that’s all that matters!

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