Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: Season 1 Episode 7 “Zoey’s Extraordinary Confession” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Zoey is forced to deal with Max’s feelings as Leif puts a plan into action to be more than a subordinate.

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Simon, Zoey, and Max in a elevator.

Zoey is forced to deal with Max’s feelings as Leif puts a plan into action to be more than a subordinate.

Directed By Richie Keen
Written By Davah Avena
Aired (NBC) 3/22/2020
Introduced This Episode
Mitch’s New Nurse Zak Orth

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A New Caregiver: Maggie, Mitch

Rather than go into despair or the kids double up on helping to take care of Mitch, Maggie gives in and gets a professional to help. Which, at first, she gets a medical professional who wants to change Mitch’s way of life and turn the home into a hospice. This doesn’t sit right with Maggie. So, while uncouth, and unconventional, Maggie realizes that is not only want Mitch wants but needs.

How To Reject A Friend & Keep The Friendship?: Zoey, Max, Simon

With all that has happened, Simon and Zoey agree that they need to keep things professional. For while their friendship was good, it would have led to him cheating and Zoey being put in an unfair situation of dealing with Jessica’s wrath, Simon’s guilt, and having that tarnish what could be. Now, when it comes to Max, things aren’t so easy.

Why? Well, Max decides, despite not being in a relationship with Zoey, to go big with announcing he loves her. Which, as you can imagine, makes Zoey uncomfortable. After all, she isn’t a grand gesture kind of girl.

Zoey asking Max to stay friends.

But remains is the proclamation, and the thing Zoey does is try to avoid giving an answer by bringing up she can hear people’s thoughts through music. Something Max doesn’t believe, even when Mo co-signs and the avoidance of a direct response frustrates Max. Even though, in her avoidance, Zoey does provide Max an answer.

At The End Of The Day, It’s About Being Happy: Joan, Leif, Tobin, Zoey, Mo, Eddie

Speaking of Mo, while things are a bit rough between them and Eddie, at first, it seems to only be that Eddie is a man of few words and prefers action. Hence him being in Mo’s apartment with only briefs on the next morning.

Leading us to Zoey’s designated person in need of her help which is: Tobin. Someone who, thanks to Leif seducing Joan, because she is freshly divorced and running wild, Tobin is left in the dust. If not, if you believe Leif, is asked to be more serious so that he and Tobin could eventually take over. A plan that may or may not involve screwing Joan over, and not just Leif screwing her.

What Must Also Be Noted

  1. Emily and David are starting to talk about David’s fatherhood anxiety. But, we only learn this through David telling us. The actual conversation happens off-camera.


Some Latin Music

Mo and Eddie dancing and performing a duet.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the pop, R&B and rock music thus far chosen, but it is a lot of the stuff we hear on other shows of this ilk and on music competition shows. So to hear something not in English, off the bat, was a godsend. But then to make it Latin music which has soul and have Mo sing it with Eddie? It was a match made in heaven, and I’m for Eddie sticking around if just to hear more than the usual Top 40 tracks.

The Possibility Of Zoey Staying Single, Or Being With Someone Who Isn’t Max or Simon

I am so on the “Can’t Zoey stay single?” train. For, really look at her options right now. Simon is engaged to a woman who asked him to get therapy, and he ended up nearly cheating on her instead. Then with Max, it really does seem he is of the mindset where he wants to date, maybe not settle down, and while not desperate to be with someone, he is willing to put in a serious effort.

Which at this point, Zoey is just not at mentally or emotionally. Take note, her father is on a slow decline, and her mother is trying to stay strong, but is always one bad day from falling apart. Add in she is going to be an aunt soon and her brother is having marital issues, her personal life is hectic. Then when you take note she just got a promotion, her subordinates are almost all against her, and her boss uses her as a crutch, her life isn’t set up for all Max needs and wants.

I mean, even with Simon, that relationship was built on her knowing what he needed. Generally speaking, why she is given some chance to talk on her own ish, Zoey’s issues aren’t of equal focus. Then with Mac, while we aren’t downplaying Max’s relationship and connection with Mitch, and his ability to pitch in, It’s just, as Zoey said, she needs friends more than anything remotely romantic right now.

This New Caregiver

You ever wonder why in movies the caregiver is always a bit out there or weird? Be it a nurse, nanny, or what have you? It isn’t just for the story but because the stringent ones make you feel less alive. So here is to this odd dude being Mitch’s nurse and the episode where Zoey hears his inner wish.

Mitch's New Nurse (Zak Orth) smiling.
Mitch’s New Nurse (Zak Orth)

Low Point

Joan Repeating Her Mistakes

The thing with Joan is, clearly, there is this need to have it all. She wants the man but also the career, she wants a partner who matches her but doesn’t expect her to take a step back so he can be great. And for a long time, it appeared that was ideal. However, after Charlie, it seems her priorities and wants have shifted. Joan was someone’s wife, and with Charlie’s expectations and hers, things didn’t work out as planned.

So now it seems she just wants to have fun, but, once again, her career is getting in the way. Hence her over-reliance on Zoey and now Leif taking note of that relationship and trying to surpass Zoey by giving the only thing he can provide. Leading to, unfortunately, Joan repeating her past mistake in getting with someone who is just like Charlie but younger.

Though, who knows, maybe that is the point? Joan could very well want to rewrite history, or try to mold Leif, into being what she wanted back then and needs now? Yet, with knowing Leif as we do, and it seeming Joan did when she gave that anonymous review, you’d think she’d make a smarter choice. Even if the power dynamics, for now, are in her favor.

On The Fence

Max’s Attitude Towards Being Rejected

Admittedly, we’re almost always waiting for the shoe to drop when it comes to the male lead, especially in their pursuit of the female lead. Also, we harshly judge them. So when it comes to Max, considering how long he has been friends with Zoey, the fact he made a grand gesture to announce he loved Zoey then got upset she didn’t know how to respond was unfair. For even if you set aside her knowing beforehand, they were friends. Granted, they had movie nights, he knew the family, and they were close, but nothing from Zoey ever presented the idea they could be something more. Heck, she even notes in the episode she didn’t even think about it.

So, with that in mind, as much as you want to understand Max and appreciate him for speaking up, the way he did it, and his reaction just seemed selfish. Almost in that, entitled, because I like you, and have been consistently nice to you, why wouldn’t you love me?

The Attempt To Redeem Or Humanize Tobin

When it comes to Leif, but especially Tobin, the attempt to make them less caricatures, or the epitome of toxic masculinity, and make them seem three-dimensional will be difficult. For the good and bad that comes with the show using music is the song choice and how that heightens not just the scene, but the character. So while Tobin using No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” was heartfelt, with that quick reminder Tobin is experiencing karma, you end up right back where you started.

Which, in a way, I appreciate. The writers clearly aren’t trying to show that, in one episode, one bad day, that Tobin can be absolved of all he has said and done and turns over a new leaf. Yet, in trying to lay the foundation to show there is more to him than his misogyny, you can see they created this uphill battle that will make it hard for him, and Leif, to ever seem like complicated people vs. comical villains.

The Attempt To Redeem Or Humanize Tobin - 71%
Max’s Attitude Towards Being Rejected - 70%
Joan Repeating Her Mistakes - 65%
This New Caregiver - 84%
The Possibility Of Zoey Staying Single, Or Being With Someone Who Isn’t Max or Simon - 85%
Some Latin Music - 89%


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